September 29th, 2005

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gah, i feel like a heartless bitch as i remove people from my friends list. again, it's nothing overly personal, and i wish you nothing but wonderfulness in your days to come. and though i feel like an Utter Bitch, it's something that i feel needs to be done.

having that said, i made it through c's and d's. my list hath dropped from 417 friends to 388. hopefully, i'll get to the point to where i could keep up on what's going on in your personal lives. i've missed out on so much: pregnancies, house purchases, other eventful things.

i'm sick of being a bad, bad friend.

work yesterday wasn't hardly bad at all. i actually jogged to work (well, as much as my lungs and side would let me, i think i made it 1/3 of the way total... but not at the same time!), and spent my first 5 hours of working (michaels) downstocking giant HEAVY boxes of photo albums and metal hole punches. my arms are a bit wonky this morning, not to mention the EXCELLENT workout i got for both my arms and thighs: climb up a ladder, pull a box down that is still higher than my head... slowly back down the ladder, holding box over head and using only thigh muscles to balance... bringing out random overpriced merchandise... lifting box over head and climbing back up skinny, rickety ladder, using only thighs for balance.

my 3 1/2 hours between shifts wasn't long and arduous at all. had a nice lunch that i didn't have to race through for once, and went to barnes and noble for tea.

holy MOLY, if you haven't tried their cinnamon sunset tea yet? you MUST. it's freaking ORGASMIC. i read lots (of the r.a. salvatore book i've been trudging through for awhile now). it was so nice being able to just... SIT... next to a window with a beautifully green bush outside, the sun shining through it just so, and nice quietness all around. it makes me almost look forward to the days i have to work both jobs.

my last five hours of working... i got there, supervisor said "you can hug me now, because i'm not putting you on a register tonight!" i squeed with glee...d. (all of our cashiers recently quit, so although i'm excellent with my electronics knowledge and pulling any piece of furniture that does not require a Big Scary 10 Foot Ladder, i have been forced to stand behind a register for almost EVERY SINGLE one of my shifts lately. no bueno. i always feel like i'm being punished when i'm told i have to cashier instead of roaming free.)

so i roamed free! until a couple of hours into my shift, when supervisor roxana said i had to count into one. d'oh! i think i ran like 3 transactions off of it the entire night, though. i was sleepy and loopy, though it was an excellent customer service night, where whenever i answered the simplest question, i was thanked immensely and told i was SOOOO helpful and SOOOO knowledgeable. (versus the nights where people won't talk to me because i'm a GIRL, neveryoumind that i'm the most knowledgeable about said subject over anyone else currently there.) realized that my favorite trio to yak to is debra and don johnson. good times, though not a lot of work got done.

have i mentioned how much i freaking LOVE my coworkers there? love them. now that one or two are gone fairly recently, i have no qualms, most days!


a 3 1/2 break between jobs seemed PERFECT: my feet didn't hurt until right when i got home (lovely scary walk after dark.. uphill...) i wasn't hating humans... yup.

schedule next week? tuesday/thursday off at officemax. working tuesday/thursday at michaels. *sigh*
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ooh, and i had a first dream involving lj'ers that i have never met in a long time!

i dreamed that i was walking along a river bank at the bottom of a hill at dusk, and i saw three women waving to me from the distance. i shrieked with happiness and ran up the riverside to meet eternitywaiting, alariya, and belenen! we all hugged happily and put our arms around each other and walked up the riverside, chittering happily. i asked how Anika's visit was going, and the other two remarked that it was absolutely splendid! Anika said that she had something to show me, so we climbed up the hill a little bit and sat down as she pulled out this deluxe stamp set that.. it's hard to explain. it was mainly a stamp set contrived from pictures from a horrible murder scene, with a backdrop where you could create your OWN murder scene. the inner gothy side of me was fascinated, so i started looking at each of the stamps. i remarked at how odd it was that they chose THOSE images, as the only stamps i could find were stuff like beautiful flowers and birdcages and kittens and...

i then told them that i was sorry, that i had to go do something, and left them. i then went to this house to ... i think save a teenage girl that was being mentally battered by uncaring parents and family that really didn't seem to care what was going on in her life, didn't care about her dreams and aspirations. so i helped her pack up the things that meant the most to her, as i told her that it's okay, that i knew that leaving was such a scary thing, but that it would be better in the long run, she would see.

i think eventually, i turned INTO that girl.

hrm. typing that out, now, i think that so much that i've read in your journals right before bed last night helped to manifest itself into my dreams. funny how that works.
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last post for awhile, i promise...

i just wanted to share the fact that i dumped an armload of tea into my work shoe.


and forestdweller hath reminded me that my favorite season is upon us, and thusly my favorite OUTFIT weather. i love sweaters. but what i love more than just sweaters? MAN SWEATERS. i think they're just so freaking sexy on so many levels, either how the man looks in them, or how i feel when i'm wearing one.

men's clothing just holds up so much better over the course of time than women's, really.