September 30th, 2005

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yay for being home!


what a freaking SOGGY day it hath been! it's like washington state had forgotten HOW to rain, so it made up for lost time by DUMPING on us all day. seriously. it wasn't raining when i left for my first shift, but immediately after getting there, it started POURING. it's still POURING.

and i started at 7 am.

anyhoo. not a bad day, though i'm SLEEPY. awful work related dreams last night, involving being at officemax and getting slammed, no one responding to my calls for assistance or any questions i asked, and desperately needing stuff from OTHERS in order to do my job, instead of being able to handle things by myself.

ate pho between jobs, and then ran to barnes and noble (after almost getting hit by a stupid car.) to sit in my sopping cold clothing and drink hot cinamon tea.

got to work, got counted into customer service, and BOOM! everyone leaves me up there by myself. instantly, i get slammed with people glaring at me because all they want to do is go HOME and start their weekends. a giant line. i'm needing things from lockup (which i cannot get), answering the phone (ringing off the hook) and on my radio, freaking out for someone to come up and cashier, for someone to PLEASE get the call on line one, and did everyone go home? every single thing i said over the radio or asked for was met ONLY with resounding silence.


overall, though, everyone was in GREAT spirits, customer wise. the only two people that i had that were angry was:

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i was also in quite the flirtatious mood tonight. several times, i would grin and crack jokes with a guy in my line and realize what i was doing as they would be walking out the door and grinning back at me. hee hee. i didn't know i still had it in me. especially after only about 3 hours of (un)sound sleep and not wearing any makeup.

in other news? whomever packs or drives our freight trucks smokes ONE helluva lotta weed. all of our pallets of freight ReEeEeEeKED of it, to where it smelled like someone had a pot party in our receiving area. our register bags even smell like pot.


when it comes to stuff like that, to each his own. whatever you decide to do is your business.

unless you're driving a GIANT FREAKING SEMI! egads. i had meant to get the tip line number before i left work so that i could file a report, because besides it being completely unfreakingprofessional, it's a GIANT FREAKING SEMI!!!

besides, there could be a $300 reward in it for me. but that wouldn't be why i would be doing it. well, not all the way, anyway. if i didn't want the $300, i would just call anonymously.

p.s., sorry for all the random capitalized words. apparently, i'm REALLY MEANING certain parts of my post.

or something.

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thank you, jules for showing me this.

i laughed so hard, i almost peed a little.

and my face certainly hurts.

and my left side is cold.

and my cat is insane.

but i don't think that the last two are necessarily related.