October 7th, 2005

cat painting

every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great...

weird dreams last night involving people on my friends list that i never met

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woke up with one of those AWFUL cricks in the neck that i get occasionally, though this time it's on the right side. ended up barely being able to crawl out of bed, i was in so much pain, so i called in sick (though i so hate doing so when i just sleep wrong, but egads, i can't lift anything up or lean forward at ALL, how am i going to run a bleeping register?!? sat and caught up on Lost episodes (OMG!!!) and a coupla sg-1 eps before going to take a nap.

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now i'm sitting here with The Meaning of Life playing in the background. haven't had internet access all day for some reason.

went to the art museum for their grand opening of their new wing last night, and had great fun. i felt cultured when i left ;) i was inwardly squeeing like a school girl when i got to see TWO GIANT GENUINE monets IN REAL LIFE. ha ha. fantastic. going helped to inwardly motivate me to try my hand at painting.. anything. hell, if they can slap grey paint on four GIANT squares and put a plus sign on it and call it art, i'm sure i can do .. something. we were a bit rushed to get through it, as dummy me took too long of a nap and we left later than planned. i/we still have tons of tickets good until the end of next week, so if anyone local would like to go, i would love to go again....
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