October 14th, 2005


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finally finished going through my friends list and deleting those that i felt we had either grown apart, or hadn't clicked, or whatnot. yet again, i don't mean anything evil by it whatsoever, and i wish you all the happiness and joy that life can bring you in the future. maybe things will come full circle. maybe we're not ready for each other yet. maybe we've learned all we could from each other.


can't seem to wake up today. so much i wanted to accomplish, and all i've gotten done is lj removing, some tea drinking, and some farscape watching.

i had a dream that i ate cereal, so i woke up frantic for some, although i hath sworn off grains/bread/sugar. so i uh.. stole some. (sorry, stanieldaniel and brosely) now, i need some meat.

and some freaking caffeine, apparently.

i so need to hook up my printer. i so need to file for my FAFSA. i so need to go to the 'gina doctor. i so need to bathe. i so need to read and relax.

also, i've casually been thinking of changing my lj user name. i mean, hell. people constantly think i'm a BOY because of the bob thing. (i'm aaaaall woman, i assure you.) maybe i've run the aubkabob thing into the ground. who knows?

which is why i want your opinion. if you think that i am all that IS an aubkabob, answer that. otherwise, i'm counting on you and your creativity!


Poll #590608 namechange, ahoy!

if i were to purchase a name-change token, what should i call me, and why?


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i had a customer at work the other day tell me that he needed ink 'cartilages' for his printer: black, cayenne, magneto, and yella.

it was an elderly gentleman, otherwise, i would have turned to him and said snarkily "x-men fan, eh?"