October 16th, 2005

disco star

(no subject)

hrm. i love it when i wake up and my computer magically suddenly does not detect my... oh... HUNNERD AND TWENTY GIG HARD DRIVE. any suggestions as to why it would have magically disappeared like a whore in the night?

this is not good.

i would be updating from semagic, but it's on my d: drive.
i would entertain myself with music, but it's all on my d: drive (all 20+ gigs of it)
i would show you fantastic pictures, but they're all on my d: drive.

remind me why i do not ever back that shiat up again?!?

*tries not to dwell/panic*

p.s., and stu? i went back and am reinstalling all the stuff you said to clean up my computer, too, virises and all that ilk, so we shall see if that helps at all...