October 21st, 2005

period FUN!

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had PLANNED on doing things outside of the house today, either calling andrea to see if she wanted to dink around at the fabric store (cape! cape!) and do lunch (my treat!), or to go to the movies as had originally planned with a coworker (Lori), but alas, two things happened when i woke up this morning:

1) i started my period. this in itself would usually not be a Big Bad Thing, but after the excrutiating debilitating pain i experienced last month, i'm afraid to step 5 feet from my door, in the event i immediately drop to my side and start crying like a 4 year old. so i'm basically hanging out here, waiting to see if i die today.

2) i very very oddly woke up with gigantic HIVES all over the back of my neck. as i've been awake, they've spread down my back and on my shoulders. i feel like a leper. thusly? not going anywhere today.

i have no idea what caused the allergic reaction. although i had severe allergies as a child (the doctor, after my initial allergy testing, told my mother i was one hair above being a bubble kid.), i almost never came in contact with anything that caused me to break out in HIVES, other than when i was playing hide and seek and inadvertantly hid behind a tree that i ended up being allergic to. the last time i can remember having full blown hives was when i was in job corps at age 18 or 19, and had eaten someone's cookies that had something in them that had the same effect. (we had thought at the time that the magic ingredient was ginger, but i've eaten ginger a gazillion times since then with no freak results.)

instead, i shall hang out here, enjoy the day off with NO ONE AROUND (which is so nice sometimes), finally get some cds onto my computer that i have been planning on getting on there (i.e. maroon 5 and excentrics and the new ezra i picked up), reset my music on my mp3 player, possibly burn a couple few cd's, play final fantasy iv, do some laundry, drink tea, etc.

sounds like ecstasy, to me.

now, to find lori's telephone number so she doesn't think i'm blowing her off. (though she may still think so when i call her and say 'hi. i'm bleeding and have allergies. some other time?")