October 24th, 2005


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what on EARTH did i do to my foot?

i woke up this morning and cannot move my big toe on my right foot, nor put much weight on it at all, without excrutiating pain. wtf, mate? how the hell am i supposed to work both jobs today?!? in RETAIL? if i go in, i have to leave in ten minutes. i so don't want to call in sick, but egads, a half hour walk to work (okay, possibly 45 due to limping instead of walking), five hours on my feet (a couple of them in the back of a truck unloading thousands of pieces of freight), and then another six hours on my feet? eek. officemax i can almost fathom, because i think that if it's still agonizing by that time, that i would be able to pull a chair from the furniture pad to park it behind my register between customers. i don't even own any aspirin or other pain relievers.

edit: as much as i hate to, methinks i shall call in. i had thought it would give it a go, as it were, but what if i limp all the way there and work an hour just to be blind with pain, and then have to limp all the way home? and pain from moving my toe has elevated to constant massive throbbing pain after putting my shoe on. i just have to wait until 7 to call, because no one will be there until then. (which is when i'm supposed to be arriving)

but egads, i hate calling in and saying "yeaaah. i hurt my foot or something, and can't put my shoe on. how? not a clue. but i swear it hurts!"
disco star

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thank you all muchly for all of your suggestions on new music to check out! so far, i'm asbsofreakingsmurfly LOVING what i've heard!

have any other suggestions? huh? huh? what music is moving you lately? classics you love/miss? weird random stuff you're into (music wise.)? stuff you love that no one else has heard?

i'm grumpy and in a MASSIVE amount of pain. i think my foot is swollen now, and it won't stop screaming at me. if nothing else, i can hit the free clinic tomorrow night or something (if anyone is bored and wishes to hang out with grumpy me there/be my driver. otherwise, i can hobble to the bus stop on wednesdnay morning.)