November 2nd, 2005

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*smacks self on forehead*

no WONDER i'm so freaking addicted to alias and want to watch every episode ever made in one sitting. made by the same creator as "Lost"? guess that was a no brainer.

i want to shake that man's hand.

cept i'm too busy watching his shows.

meant to post more about halloween, but i was too lazy/tired. work on an hour's sleep wasn't as horrid as i had thought it would be, though i came home and slept for 4 1/2 hours, got up for 3, then slept for another 8 or so. and i still feel like i could go back to bed.


when i put on my cape, i was so shocked that capes had gone out of style: they're convenient, sexy, and WARM. at least, this was my thought process, until i started trying to DO things in the cape, like light candles and cut cheese. and because i was in a leotard and high-heeled boots, the one occasion i DID take it off to accomplish something, it went RIGHT back on.

great fun was had, it was so freaking wonderful to play music with someone that i had played music with before. a lot of my fear of playing in front of others disappeared as soon as we began. i thought it was funny that we couldn't remember a single freaking song (for the most part) that we had played together before, except for "Rainy Season", which happened so eloquently.

all in all, a good night, though there were some people there that i wish i would have spent more time with, and others that were clueless to the fact that they should not be there. and to that person? it's LEOtard, not UNITARD, you party crashing jerk.

and in the mean time, until i get around to uploading more pictures, here's the only fairly decent group picture i have of me and the other titans.

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i like how the only weapon that robin seems to have on his utility belt is a cell phone. i also love how fascinated all the others are by this miraculous invention. i'm too busy playing with my cape to notice. SWOOOOSH!

and now i must fit in another Alias episode with that sexeh Vartan. merowr! i think i forgot to put Vaughn on that meme i did where i posted fictional characters that fascinated me... that i had a crush on. i suppose i would be quite happy to replace Arutha and Martin Con Doin? hrm. it has been about a decade since i read those books, my crush on them can't be THAT intense.