November 5th, 2005


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wow, i had completely forgotten how much of a... WHINY BABY i turn into while working two jobs. wow. after realizing how much i was saying 'i'm sleepy' and 'my dawgs are barkin!', i made sure to clam up, as i'm certain that no one gives a rat's ass. (although i DO like the facial expression of customers when they say 'i'm sleepy.' and i reply 'me, too. i've been working since 7 am' when it's 830. but again, that's me whining to the customers. meh meh mee meh meh! *to be said like a sassing five year old*)

starvating. part of me knows it would be a good thing to eat something, though not always a good thing to eat something RIGHT before bed. i'm craving me some guacamoleh. mmmm. guac. nature's buttah. unfortunately, not much to put the guac ON, and i'm a bit above forking it into my cheeks by the mouthful.

slept like complete doodie last night, which actually turned out in my favor: during one of my tossings and turnings, i looked at the clock and realized that it was past the first time that my alarm would go off (me being the queen of the snooze alarm.) after closer inspection, i discovered that yes, i HAD indeed set the alarm for 330 pm, not am.

got the freaking CRAP scared out of me as i was cooking breakfast in the kitchen (.... aaaaaaaas opposed to the hallway closet?!?) and hear the front door and deep voices... at four thirty in the morning.

vengeance was MINE as i saw the facial expressions on jess and daniel as i scared them even more than they had me.




egads, peeing is inconvenient at times. have i mentioned my daawgs are barking? must... learn.. art of... levitation.

or buy new shoes.

ending this now, as i realize half of what i say isn't even making sense.

the sense of sight is what guides us right when we go out on walks
the sense of smell is the way that you tell you need to change your socks
the sense of touch is what hurts so much when you bang your toe on the bed
the sense of hearing is something good
cuz if a tree falls in the woods
would there be a sound? you bet there woooooould...


....if it landed on top of your head, your head
if the tree lands on top of your head!
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