November 14th, 2005

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out of ALL of the superheroes.... aquaman?!? i guess enough people figure that he has enough of an untold story, but... wow.

yay for another day off! i shall frolick and accomplish THE WORLD!!! not really. i'm hoping to vacuum and i hear tell of some punkin creme brule that needs to be made at faetal's? mmmmm. that stuff needs to get in my belly.

nothing else to report, really. methinks i shall finish watching season 1 of farscape today. i'm also in the beginning of season 2 of alias and at the very very ass end of season 5 of sg-1. yes, folks, i DO need a life.

dreams with.. someone. kissing and cuddling involved at a party. i woke up feeling BEYOND single. it has been.. 4 years? yup, will be 4 years around .. i think Christmas Eve or close to it was the last time my last boyfriend and i had been together, for thee worst and most humiliating sex i think i have ever experienced. talk about feeling USED. jerk. and to see him courting another almost the next day? grrr. maybe i'll tell you the story some day (though i'm sure that a_muse_d has heard it, because i think the telling of the story in someone else's journal was how we met!)

aaaanyhoo. nuff bout those shenanegans. if we start having semi regular game nights, who'd be interested? we need more games.
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disco star

one last post before i run off to play with brule'

i had left iTunes on random while going upstairs to take my shower. as i come back down with shoes and socks in hand, and plop down in my chair to put them on, the phone rings. only as the phone call is ending, do i realize that i had been BLASTING air supply's "making love out of nothing at all" in the background during the entire phone call. my coolness was only heightened as after that, Tyketto's "forever young" came on.

i am SO rock.

i feel like i look like a boy.