November 17th, 2005


bealeave asked why i worked weird hours, which spawned this post.

for those of you that are pseudo new on my friends list that are confuzzled as to why i'm working such odd hours (my last post was as i was leaving for work. this one is almost immediately after getting home.):

i work mornings at michael's arts and crafts, and nights and weekends at officemax. they're right next door to each other, which is convenient!

sometimes, almost TOO convenient!

it's only temporary, though. i went back to michaels only for the holidays (and i get paid $1.40 more an hour at omx and love all of my coworkers there, unlike michaels, where i swear that everyone is freaking psycho for the most part.)

to make a short story long.. :) when i first created this journal, 5 years ago, (well, under aubreystar) i was a travel agent in phoenix. i ended up moving back up to washington state on a spur of the moment decision, only to find that no one would hire me in travel... or property management... or any receptionist job... or any other thing i had previously had experience or schooling in, the job market here was so bad. so i hit retail. both places interviewed me and hired me the same day as each other, so i decided to do both for awhile. and did so, until nine months later, i came to my senses and quit the job of the two that made me miserable.

but i realized during that time that i enjoyed working retail so much more than i had at a desk job. if you look back to old posts prior to march 2003, i was sooo freaking miserable behind a desk. funny how that works.

not to say that i want to work retail forever, heeellll no. i'm currently going through steps to get me arse back to school. methinks i might want to do something in the medical field when i grow up. it has everything i look for: customer service (though i complain about some people, i do like helping others), good benefits/pay, and i DON'T HAVE TO DRESS MYSELF. egads, working at officemax hath made me lazy. and to be able to wear pajama type things to work every day? score.

speaking of perjammas. i've been out of the house for over 18 hours, it's time to don some. rawk.

p.s. - don't forget to add my new myspace! and stuff. like i ever update there. totally.

apparently, being up for almost 24 hours and dealing with armloads of freight and lifting and downstocking and boxes and people TOTALLY turns me into a 14 year old.
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i'm SO freaking in debt to default for showing me this:

PANDORA DOT COM! i rarely curse, but cheez, it's FUCKING BRILLIANT. basically, you put in your favorite song or artist, and it creates a playlist with a bunch of bands that it feels you would like, based upon similar qualities of other songs in their database.

fucking brilliant.