November 18th, 2005

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i already feel like death warmed over, and it's still a week away.

6 am until midnight tonight.
10 until 930 tomorrow.
12 until 730 sunday.

thank goodness, i get to sleep in monday, wednesday, and thursday next week. i shall do what i can to enjoy it while it lasts.
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period FUN!

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finally home, woo! thank goodness for truck snafu's, otherwise i'd still be there for a few more hours, instead of home already.

why did i agree to work from 5 am until 10 am on sunday?

not that you care, but just so you know:

saturday: 1030 - 930 omx
sunday: 5 am - 10 am mike's / 12 - 730 omx
monday: 4pm - 1030pm omx
tuesday: 6 am - 12 pm mike's
wednesday: 4 pm - ??? (probably midnight/midnight thirty due to setting black friday's ad) omx
friday: 7am - noon mike's / 4 pm - midnightish omx
saturday: 8 am - 1 pm mike's / 2 pm - elevenish omx

next week: dead? dunno.

i'm sorry that i keep whining. i don't know what's come over me. i just need a nap. i keep telling myself that this is all in preparation for going back to school in the winter, so i can get used to being pulled in 80 directions and getting no sleep.

for you locals? yeah. schedules like the one above is the reason you haven't seen me in months. i realized today that there are a ton of local friends that i haven't seen since halloween. gah, has it been almost a month already? i miss yous. it's also schedules like above which means no game night this saturday. nor next saturday, due to black friday. shucks. i almost picked up a new game today, too (until to my embarassment, faetal pointed out that it was for 7 year olds. but the pretty COLORS! there were things to STACK!)

what else to give to you for your eyes to peruse over? started my periodish, which means tomorrow is my crampy day! for JOY! brosely and i had begun making plans as to grand thanksgiving plans and meals and whatnot, just to have our mother inform us that she wants nothing to do with the holidays this year, wants zero family activity, no hype, no get together. so apparently our thanksgiving is going to be spent watching Rent aaaaand ... fixing something in our kitchen that hasn't grown a new colony on it yet. who the fuck knows. maybe that's for the best, as i work hella late the night before and work evilly all the weekend after. reeesssstttt. could be worse. i remember a thanksgiving where i busted my brother making out with another man for the first time, on my living room couch, and then he told me about his first sexual encounter over the thanksgiving meal we were having at denny's. that wasn't a horrible thanksgiving, as much as it was an AWKWARD thanksgiving.

i need to learn how to make phone posts, so i can prattle to you as i'm roaming around aimlessly between shifts.

a big freaking GIGANTIC shout out to my dearest alariya for leaving me THEE best freaking voicemail messages. belenen, did you have a hand in that, too? i couldn't for the life of me figure out who it WAS until i checked the number later. i laughed my ass off all the way to lunch. you're freaking wonderful and know how to pick a girl up when she's feeling most down and out of it. thanks, too, to wallbrat for the cheery messages. i'll return your calls just as soon as i'm done hating people in general.

edit: i forgot to say that i thought for a bit that the cute boy at b&n was checking me out, as every time i looked over, he was looking at me. however, after more thought, i think he thought i was shoplifting, instead. the book i'm currently reading, The Great Hunt by robert jordan, i bought there awhile ago. since i purchased it there, it's gotten one read through by jess, and now one through me. for the record, i'm sort of harsh on my books, but i think it's secretly because of the fact that i SO adore how used books feel to me: how they seem fluffier and not as constricted, how they seem softer and more loved, how they seem to have a better spirit. anyhoo. so i go into b&n and buy my coffee and read for a few hours until it's time to go to work. i go to the bathroom carrying my slightly used but still newish looking book, and come out... empty handed (i had stuffed it into one of my target bags.)

i'm also wondering if the rest of the employees there were watching me, too, and if they think i'm a repeat shoplifter or something.

parnoia? says who?
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