November 19th, 2005

stinky kitty

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finally home after being at work for almost 11 hours.  funny how
sleeping an ENTIRE six or seven hours for once actually felt like
'sleeping in'. i think i reaaaallly overdid it on the caffeine today,
though.  for someone who doesn't want to be a slave to coffee any
longer, i sure do chug the stuff down.

also, there's nothing
like bleeding like a dying horse and cramping like a fiend to make your
long ass shift move oh so swiftly.  actually?  wasn't so bad.  i think
i'm just kind of going through the motions now, instead of freaking out
about time or sleep or whatnot.  customers were crankay bitches,
though.  wow.  and i swear each one of them brought a soapbox in. 
"it's immoral and against the law for you to hang onto the high dollar
merchandise until it's paid for!  you couldn't PAY me to take that
merchandise after being treated like that!" they would proclaim, hop
off of their box, tuck it into their trousers, and head outside.  the
next person would sidle up to my register, dig deeep into their
pockets, unfold their soap box, and a new proclimation would start
anew.  "i will now drive extra miles to shop elsewhere because you make
me send in for a mail in rebate for $5, oh em gee!"  yeah.  i'm certain
office depot has the little buggers, too, but if you FEEL the burning
need to spend all that extra time in traffic whilst crossing the bridge
over to portland, not to mention the gas money, feel free.  i even had
this EXTREMELY elderly lady all but shake her cane at me as she freaked
out about a last will and testiment costing $6.  unkay.  fine.  you go
to wherever the hell it was that you said you were going to save that
fifty cents.

the funny thing to me was that it was a freaking
BEAUTIFUL day outside.  for the first time in as long as anyone can
remember, it wasn't 40 degrees outside, it was in the 50's or more,
bright sunlight, no piercingly cold wind.  so why is everyone
bitchy?!?  jerks.

another note.  there's a new weird trend at
work that is BUGGING THE HELL out of me.  you see, at the end of your
shift, if you have a register in your name, you go count it down and
make sure it balances, and then take out the extra dollars and cents in
order to drop the till back down to $100 for the next person.  you put
your money in one little deposit bag, and dump your change into a
community bag and write your name and the amount of change you put in. 
easy, peasy.  what is driving me fucking bonkers, though, is the fact
that most people put, for example: george: .47 and then the cents
symbol.  guh?  you're putting in point fourty seven of a penny?!? 
redundancy.  moronic!  and every. single. freaking person. does it but
me.  i DO keep meaning to price nerf bats to use at work.  i just wish
i could shrink it to store in my back pockets like they do in
cartoons.  i should ask the soap box people where they get theirs,
maybe they manufacture other things, too.

in the meantime?  i remember food. methinks i shall go farm some from the kitchen before i plunk into bed.

tomorrow?  5 am until 730pm.  not toooo bad.  and then i can sleeep.

p.s. NICKEL CREEK TICKETS ARE MIIIIINNNEEEE.  watch me pee with glee. 
actually, no - don't!  just um.. assume that somewhere at some point in
time, i was peeing gleefuly.

also to my newer friends, i am SO sorry that i've been neglectful lately. i promise i'll get better... one day. the day that i stop feeling as if my work clothes have become part of me, as i've worn them every single waking moment for DAYS. egads, i need to do laundry. or find my other work pants.