November 22nd, 2005


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today has been a good day, other than the fact i could. not. sleep. for the life of me last night. it was a good manager denise day. i got to work by myself instead of with my coworkers. i got to check out at barnes and noble via the cute (possibly gay) emo boy, who informed me of the deep latin meanings and mythology behind harry potter. apparently, i have the same taste in books as his mother *facepalm* discovered his name.

i get home and find my transcripts - woo! my FAFSA is now completed and sent out, hopefully, i'll receive word of a happy embracing into college soon. i'm all growed up! it only took 30 years. *harrumph* i also got a BEAUTIFUL photo taken by wasta. i am very impressed and pleased. and although i only had one hour sleep, i'm feeling quite awake and motivated (thank you, cafe verona.) i also came home to discover that i now have the entire FIRST season of mst3k on my computer. woooo ha.

due to lj being butt-faces and email notifications not being sent out, i shall withhold my comments for a bit. because of it taking forever for me to reply to responses anyway, i don't want something uber important to get lost forever because i haven't been sent a notification.

laundry, here i come!
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a lot of you will be pleased to know that i turned in my application to Clark College this afternoon. I have an appointment next week to see and advisor and set up classes. if everything goes as planned, classes will start january 3.

that is all.

unrelated footnote: email me with your snaily maily address,, if you are either new on my friends list, or haven't done so yet, so i may send you some snaily maily.