November 27th, 2005


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sat around watching countless eps of sg-1 (season six, cuz that's where i'm at.) and knitting and doing other things with yarn. i took pictures to display for you, and came across other pictures that i hadn't gotten around to taking off of my camera yet. Collapse )

now, for discussion of sg-1. or whatnot. i'm over halfway through season six, and it very much feels like a season o' filler. i think they've gone off world... three times? out of like 20 episodes? everything sort of has the feel of them doing random things while they await daniel jackson's return. although there WERE a few episodes that 'splained a few things, i.e. why melbourn was living off world. i do feel sorry for parker lewis, as i'm sure lots of jackson fans haaaated him from the get-go, since he was his replacement. poor guy had some preeettty big shoes to fill.

but, anyhoo. we rented dead poet's society, which i'm hoping to seeee. i miss that movie.