December 1st, 2005

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wow, the year has totally flown by. i can't believe it, really. i remember doing a year's recount last year, and realizing that the ONLY thing that had changed at ALL, was the fact that i had gotten a cat. ha ha. *wimper*

looking back over this year, still not much has changed. it's been an eventful year, i suppose:

- mom was in the hospital and ended up with a new lease on life... which she totally gave up on a month or so later.
- my dearest roommate got married, i was a lavendar bridesmaid, and she moved out.
- had a fantastic zoo that i hope to never forget, and to possibly duplicate (i need to get with andrea and larrissa and plan, damnit! whatchoo doing sunday?!?)
- kissed a boy (but only one, and only once. oh, wait, there were two. the other one was at aforementioned zoo.)
- reunited with old friends and realized how important they are to me.
- dropped 40 lbs... somewhere ;)
- stopped drinking coffee for 3 months.
- began drinking coffee again, with a massive fervor.
- instead of just talking about it, i actually took steps to get myself back into school (hopefully jan 3rd.)
- realized that while i'm having fun working retail, this is not what i am meant to do.
- found new fantastic close friends online that i can't imagine having life without now.
- got to see my favoritest band of ALL, Sloan, play. dorkily caught a drumstick thrown by the Murph.
- sort of met Peter from R.E.M. if you count his eyerolling at my statement to him as 'meeting officially'.
- got published in a magazine.
- i grew my hair out and hacked it all off again.
- i got to be a superhero and run around with my superhero friends. hooray, leotard!
- i got to sing and 'perform' with someone again, which my heart had missed so much.
- i realized that some people, no matter what, can just not allow drugs to release their hold on them.

i'm certain that there are other things to add to the list, but i'm still working on caffeinating myself. i was supposed to get off work at 11, but stupidly, i walked next door to omx and said 'i saw that you had two freight trucks in a row. i don't have my uniform with me, but do you need my help?' almost 10 hours later, i finally made it home. not that i mind. it was almost fun working only with freight and in side lock-up. it began as "sure, if you want to just go through this pallet of freight here and pull out stuff that needs to be locked up?" sure! i end up with three overflowing carts of high dollar stuff. "would you mind just hanging out in side lock up and putting it all away really quick?" sure! as they let me in.... and because of other people just stuffing freight in there for however many weeks, you almost cannot walk to the other end of the long hallway. soooooo... i pretty much destroyed it all, and rebuilt. it looks beautiful, i must say, and management was very pleased. oh, how i love working on projects like that!

got my acceptance letter from Clark, along with a letter that pretty much laughed at me for wanting to go into the medical field. apparently, their programs are very small, only 40 students allowed in each quarter. hrm. there's a couple of different roads i can go down: become a phlebotamist and make pretty much what i'm making now, only instead of taking money, i would take blood samples. take a TON of prereq courses over the course of the next year or two, i.e. english, p.e., medical terminology, etc., and then apply for the RN course in a couple of years and pray that i get in, for anther two to four years of school (would be slightly less, but i don't think i can work full time and go to school full time as well. we shall see.)

so who knows. i'm still waiting for my letter that tells me when my appointment with an advisor is, so maybe things will change after that.

and i have four days off work next week! woo! i promised to go to the movies with a coworker on sunday, mayhaps, but other than that...?
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the land...lady? just knocked on our door and dropped off a new lease, as our old one is ending soon. rent's going up to $675. not terrible. i find it funny that it has faetal's and my name on it. they have also brought the same form to us three different times, which we have signed and returned. (and that's just since i've lived here. i'm assuming it happened during the time that andrea was living with dispossessed and jadisan.)

the more and more that this happens, the more i feel we can convince them that we paid a pet deposit centuries ago, if it ever comes up.

i so don't want to work today. i want to sit in my mismatched pajammas and watch too much silly television.
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wow, it was two years ago to the day, that i moved back out of my mothers - finally - and moved into the apartment i am now in.

ha ha, i giggled heartily at the dream posted there.

okay, in reading more, it seems that i actually moved on the fourth. so i lied. which makes the fifth the day i fell in the wendel dental parking lot on my walk to work.

and thanks again, to dbsquirrel, for reminding me of the holiday armadillo.

2002 found me still in phoenix and having dreams of picking up and moving in a short amount of time. it still freaks me out that it ended up happening, in this case, only 4 1/2 months later.

the year before, 2001, found only one entry close to the first of december, and that was of my sinus surgery. i still love that story.

i shall shut up now.
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so i'm debating calling in sick tomorrow, i have been feeling fluish for days now, worsened whenever i eat. maybe lack of sleep and physical exertion is finally getting to me? who the hell knows. i'm just angry that at the moment i'm feeling beyond horrid and i have to work both jobs tomorrow, meaning that i would miss out on not one "day's" pay, but two. and i wouldn't feel right calling into one and not the other, as they're RIGHT next door to each other. "oh, well she feels fine enough to go to her OTHER job..." and i suppose that it would be better if i call in for a day and a half that i could totally rest (as i wouldn't work again until 1 pm on saturday) and hopefully be feeling better for doing setting sunday's ad.

i'm rambling. much like my stomach is doing right now. ugh.

thoughts? ideas?