December 3rd, 2005

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dreams last night involving my mother doing a tarot reading for frobear out on a patio overlooking a beautiful riverbank. i kept wanting to listen in, but knew that it was none of my business, so i contented myself with playing with dishes, knowing that if it were anything he would want to share, that he would do so.

later, something landed my party and us in the middle of this desert. i had known that we had been in other situations like this, that we had a choice of five or six places to go, that we had to clear everything from the particular area before moving on. the sun was stinging in it's direct hotness, so we decided to run for cover. although it was only a half mile or so that we had to run, the sun was so intense that we were all burned by the time we reached cover of the small stand of trees. some older gruff looking guy came over with his cow and said that he would be there after dusk to rape me, cackling in all his vileness. so i laid a trap for him, various weapons stuffed under the branches. he would not catch me unawares this time. i knew that instead of succumbing to my fear, that i needed to face it dead on. i would not let it happen again. this time, i was prepared.

back to work today. i played with hair bleach last night, then putting my burgundy in it, so it's this cool bright pinkish reddish color. other than the fact that my hair is acting INSANE in its shape today, it's kind of fun.

it's so dark outside from gloomy weather, that it looks more like dusk than noon thirty.

cryptic? elemental
you transcend when you succumb
one last shred of frailty left
embedded in our bones...
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i rarely do these, but had to...

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ha ha, i'm a hermit.

anyhoo, home from work.. and apparently allergic to something, i'm breaking out in a weird rash. bacci is doing the annoying thing where she sneaks up and attacks my elbow from under my chair arm. i hear dane cook is hosting snl tonight? i might actually watch that shiat. now just to stay up that long.

crap day at work. i walk in, they announce that yes, i am the ONE to take down last week's ad and set next week's ginormous ad. only problem, is that we're BEYOND slammed. poor Hai got thee worst customer of the century. i was close to tears because of the jerk, and i wasn't even involved. it helped a bit that the customer that was in front of ME was talking about what a ridiculous jerk he was. "i'm so and so, of so and so and associates! i buy a lot of things here! *wags finger evilly at the end of hai's nose* if you *puffs up and wags finger in front of manager hemplemann's nose* do not report this guy, i will report him AND you! *wagwagwagpuffpuffpuff*" yeah, it's freaking Christmas season, you're lucky you're not waiting longer in line.

i want to eat everything in the house, much like bacci seems to want to eat my arm. but i think i shall refrain. methinks that part of the reason that i have been feeling like crap is because i've been eating crap. too bad that's all that's in the house.