December 12th, 2005


the Christians and the Pagans sat together at the table...

had 'game night' at my house, which started a tad bit awkward until we all had at least a beer in us. ended fantastically with all of us in a tight circle around a pop culture dvd trivial pursuit gameboard, giggling heinously over silly mispronounciations and at our shared geekery. frobear and i RAWKED together as a team (though he did tend to kick me arse earlier at gamecube. meh. i shall get my revenge.)

i had been having a sneaky suspicion that my little group of friends, once brought together, would fit dynamically. i loved seeing scrumbles and 0vary blending in perfectly as one of the crew, and the others responding as if they had always been so. yesh. that is the stuff.

i've always been a fan of the belief that timing is everything, and that everything happens for a reason, and within its own time. part of me feels that we are all at a stage in life where we have experienced all of these different things, and now it's time for us to be together to share new experiences, to heal old wounds. but that's just my deep self talking again. in fact, i almost got a different game instead of the trivial pursuit one, one that would ask deeper questions for discussion all around, but i changed my mind at the last moment.

i loved every minute of it. although, in retrospect, i wish we could have somehow included stanieldaniel and brosely into the game a bit later so that they wouldn't have felt left out.

now, everyone has pretty much left or gone to bed, cept for daniel tapping away at jess's computer next to me. i definitely cannot wait to do this again, it was a bit of sanity that i desperately needed during this busy season.

although at first, before anyone else had showed up, i had started out being a bit overwhelmed. i had felt that during the week, i had been a bit too social, almost, and that it was time to crawl back into my inner hut to just focus on work work work. but no, i wanted to splurge on my friends. spend that extra to get that food. have them have a good time while i bake and make sure there is enough beer in the fridge. sneak that shot to larrissa. i ended up spending WAY too much in preparation, instead of saving it for my college fund, but my dears, that was my Christmas presents to you. (and pseudo birthday presents to faetal and frobear) i don't have time or money to collect little trinkets to sit on your shelves, so i chose to instead shower you with something that i hold more dear than anything physical: experiences.

again, i loved every minute of it. i had forgotten how much more wonderful it is to have a tight knit close circle of friends to always feel comfortable with, versus always going out to places more public, where you're surrounded by mostly people who you barely even know their name.

so thank you to all that came over this evening. we definitely must do it again soonly. you are my sanity.
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my cat, in the year and 3 months that i have had her, has almost NEVER eaten human food. she will not touch anything that is not made specifically for a cat, oddly. will almost never play with anything that isn't a designated cat toy (with a few exceptions). she will not eat anything other than cat food or cat treats, but loves each of those fervently. she will only eat one brand of cat food (alley cat). the only exception to this rule is plants.

apparently, she also eats cashews.