December 14th, 2005

disco star

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tried registering for classes online just now, but was denied, as it was an hour past 'business hours'. meh.

i DID make it to clark and took my placement testing:

reading: 97%
writing: 98%
math: 23%

... woops. i don't really need much math for my prereq's anyway, so i can work on that durned algebra. my biggest goal was to get into english 101 without having to take any non credit courses before hand, and i did that. woot.

i'm so freaking tired tonight, that i hurt. but i have two more 7 am until midnight shifts ahead of me, and then it's sleepy (and singy) time.

almost quit my job at michael's today, but decided to hang on. thought i overheard denise say she was moving to a different store. tee hee.

now, i shall trod upstairs, brush my teeth, remove my clothing down to my sports bra and underwear, collapse for three hours, and get up and do this again.