December 20th, 2005

disco star

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so freaking tired, and it's only day one. and cold. did i happen to mention that i'm cold?

i was a productive little wombat today:

- worked at michaels until noon.
- ate lunch.
- hopped on a bus to Clark to finalize financial aid.
- spent almost 2 hours in the financial aid office, filling out random forms and teaching them how to install ink cartridges.
- got a hold thingie put on my tuition costs until financial aid goes through.
- spent $110 on pre algebra books because i was too dumb to score higher on the test.
- spent a half hour waiting and talking to an advisor.
- spent $3 and three minutes buying rights to a student i.d.
- spent another 10 min or so waiting for my fugly snapshot to be taken
- and spent more min waiting for it to print.
- trudged back down to the bus stop in the rain to be stuck with two guys who thought it would be cool to blow cig smoke into their principal's face and say 'fuck off, dude!'
- made it back to vancouver plaza with juuuust enough time to consume one hot chai and one tomato cream cheese pretzel.
- stressed the hell OUT during my first two hours of officemax (again. mostly a repeat of yesterday.)

aaand that's about it. now i'm sitting here, shivering and freaking exhausted.

but hey, it's official: i'm going to school.

night night.