December 24th, 2005

disco star

to those of you on my friends list that celebrate it...(because i do.)


my heart goes out to those of you who, like me, have to work retail today. may this day go by swiftly and easily.

not to mention painlessly.

very pleased with how the pictures turned out last night, i can't wait to show you. it really inspires me to make one of those 'these are the people in my life!' posts. there may even be an animated special coming out.


my favorite quote of the entire evening:

tefen: hi! i am daniel! i am pleased to meet you! VEERRY PLEEASED!

i also love that andrea trivia broke out. i'm a bit sorry that i missed out on that one.

but yes, new pictures to be shown soon, and new icons to be made of them, of MY MUG. mwa ha ha.
disco star

stolen from oatmeal

what do you see happening to you in the next year? not necessarily resolutions, but what do you think LIFE will bring you?

i feel like this next year will be all about ME for me, meaning a lot of self exploration, trials, tribulations, and growth. i start school right out of the gates, so a lot of it will be stepping out of my comfort zone and beginning to learn and evolve in that respect. and because of it being school, i feel that a lot of it i shall have to travel alone, as no one will be there to hold my hand the entire way (which i've always been fine with most of my life, anyway. well, my adult life.)

i also for some reason am convinced i am going to lose a parent.

i'll probably end the year single, too, as i seem to be eternally single.

i shall also be saved several times emotionally by my wonderful circle of friends, either directly or indirectly.

in other news, i am in LOVE with rum balls.

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