December 25th, 2005

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i truly need to pay more attention to my personal myspace and stuff. changed my default until after new years, and put some of the recent pics up there, as the only picture i had on that one was from DaDa, hence all the gothy makeup and catears. and HAIR. i remember having hair.

i'm sleepy but too lazy to go to bed yet.
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happy day!

thank you for all of the loverly text messages that i woke up to this morning, it made my morning, it did!

woke up from weird dreams, where i almost found myself crying upon waking. i dreamed that we lived a happy, simple life. i had two brothers, one was Charlie from Lost, the other was a tall, lanky dark handsome guy (i almost want to say Dino from Life as We Know it, but it wasn't cute handsome, it was pretty handsome handsome, if that makes sense.) while out travelling, they came across a beautiful woman, Audrey Hepburn. both brothers fell madly in love with her, and she couldn't choose between them, so they ended up with a truce. they could both love her, but neither could have her, although she had become pregnant by the darker of the brothers. most of everything in the dream was .. the dress was much like it would be in a fantasy novel: capes, tunics, and the like. we were all simple farmers, afterall.

war broke out. the brothers and audrey, of course, were part of the rebellion faction, fighting against all that was wrong and evil in the heirarchy. as it came close to the end of her pregnancy, they wanted to bring her home to family. it was a hard, long journey, but thank GOODNESS, Han Solo was there, clearing the way of the evil wrongdoer regency people. they got her home, and she went into labor. at first, i hated her, hated the spell that she seemed to have over my brothers. but as i helped her through her labor, i knew that she would die. i had read this story before, afterall, and knew what was going to happen. i knew the baby would live, that the brothers would raise the baby girl together, but that audrey would never live to see the child. i remember seeing her cramp up in agony as she knew instinctively that something was wrong.

they carried her inside between contractions to rest. i stood outside of our small but lovely home, and said to someone (was it alan rickman?) that i didn't want her to die. i felt the lump in my throat welling up in my sleeping self as i said to him "i don't want her to die. she makes me... BELIEVE.. in things."

and then i woke up. i remember how vibrant the house was as i stood at the other edge of the large lawn, staring at the bright white house with the vivid green forest around it. the grass was so bright that it was almost glowing. all of the vegetation was healthy and growing, which causes me to believe that overall, this was a good dream, that there are realizations to be had about inner child, ideas, dreams, ambitions, settling when it's for the good of all involved.

and i shall use my Audrey icon for this post now. neener. even though anthony looks really creepy behind her. i'm craving me a hepburnathon. i've never had those, but i'm thinking i need one now.
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mostly geared towards belenen, but you're welcome to read, too!

ooh, and now for your reading pleasure, i shall open my gift from belenen that has been sitting under the tree! when i lived away from home and mom would send me care packages, i would always wait until i was able to call her on the phone to open them 'in front' of her. thusly, this post is for bel, so that she can witness the events as they're unfolding.

i was only able to get one of them out of the envelope to put under the tree. my brother pulled them out and said that they all looked like they had been opened already, so we left them in there.


okay, hrm. first, the one that i was able to get out of the envelope, wrapping in tact. (i love how everyone is giving me PURPLE things this year. fantastic. even if just the wrapping is purple. rawk.) IT'S A RED GUITAR! a tiny one on a stand, with a dangly pic. RAWK, indeed! ha!

ooh, bacci, you're not helping. thank you for trying, though.

*sets squarish package off to the side*

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and i just realized the guitar is a note holder. EVEN BETTER! i was highly impressed with it because it was a guitar and SHINY, now it has a USE! hee hee hee.

WOOPS! i missed something! fantastically ODD socks. i live for that, i do. i shall take a picture of my feet with them on soonly, midear!
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the people in my REAL life...

because no one else is posting, i don't want you to get BORED, my pretties! so i shall spam your friends list with posts until we finally leave for mom's house.

more pics from friday night, depicting the people (and lj users) in my life:

first of all, naturally, you have me. an aubkabob. with an aubkablog to post in.

Laurie, nitelite, is a tall girl. this shows just about how tall, as i'm 5'7" and in giant clunky boots. granted, she's in giant clunky boots, too, but still.

Andrea, faetal, is my dearest local friend these days. our totally opposite personalities mesh so wonderfully well, i couldn't ask for a better fit for a friend. we spend each visit with each other making each other gaffaw until our faces and sides hurt. i would do anything for this girl. i'd love this picture so much, had it not turned out so blurry.

Daniel, stanieldaniel, is one of the biggest hearted people that i know. a truly beautiful soul. i love having him around, and love the positive changes i've seen in my brother since they've been together. yes, he is my brother's boyfriend.

Drew, dispossessed, is a fabulous guy. a computer nerd, he never hesitates to drop everything and race over to fix it. a superhero, indeed!

Mike and Pattie, no lj, sorry.... I worked with Pattie at officemax, she was my bestest work friend. she left for the army, and came back this holiday for one final visit before officially moving to texas. you can karaoke with us monday night, if you so please.

Joel, antialias, is quite possibly thee smartest person i have ever known. He is EXTREMELY quiet, unless he has a bit to drink. will talk for hours about quantum physics and the concept of zero, if given the chance. i love how happy he and andrea make each other.

Cara, scaraharem, isn't around much (at least, not at the functions i've been attending.) i've always felt that cara is a lot of what i would love to be, personality-wise. extremely outgoing. a party in herself. beautifully talented in photography, mandolining, and making up songing. i love this picture, because you can SO see the mischief lying beneath the quiet, beautiful exterior.

Greg, Gregory, raygunzero, also isn't around in my circle of friends as much anymore. he and his now tamed down bi-hawks is the coordinator of the yearly DaDa festival. I have spent many a day playing EverQuest with Carne, whom i also miss very much.

Jessie, my brother and best friend, brosely... well, i know i spout all the time about how much i love this kid. he's like the big brother i never had, at times. it makes me sad to know that almost no brothers and sisters share the bond that we do.

Ashlee, thrillkisser, is a new addition to the clan, as she's been hanging out with Drew a lot ;) she is adorable in every way, and a real sweetheart.

Brian and Kirby, tefen and icebox, showed up to the party fashionably late. I'm still convinced Brian is a long lost twin, though i would never tell him that. He's hilarious(er than me), lived in phoenix, worked a lot of the same establishments, hung with a lot of the same random lj'ers from not here. Kirby is beautiful, young, and has a sense of innocence that i find beyond endearing. i keep meaning to hang out with them more. new years, certainly!

that's all that was at the party that is in my 'semi everyday life'. or that i talk about occasionally.

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maybe i'll post more, if i can find more pictures of people in my real life later, and stuff. but now i'm still in my pajammas, and everyone is walking out the door to go to mom's.

Merry Christmas.
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back from gift-giving. i love having a family who's event lasts.... an hour? none of that I GIVE MY ENTIRE DAY TO YOU stuff, boy howdee. we mean business when it comes to holidays. show up. exchange... things... hug, and leave. eat if necessary.

i shall tell you all about what i got later (i know you're DYYYYING to know... heh.), but what i WILL tell you now, is that we got some things that shall be making our gaming nights even more funtastic than they already were:

- a deck of uno cards!
- a cotton candy making machine!
- a chocolate fountain!

oh, yes, everyone will be pounding on MY door for playing trivial pursuit. granted, they're machines for kids, but that means NOTHING!!! nothing, i tell you! fun will still be had!


also got enough baked goods from my mother to support a family of three for a week. this means a lot to me, as i know how difficult it is to get around the house these days.

and CLOTHES! thank you, jessie. you know how i hate clothes shopping, so i'm always beyond game for new clothing as gifts!

and a dorothy (wizard of oz) coffee mug, which will mean lots more to raisin than it will to most of you. there's sentimental childhood nostalgia right there, buddy boy.

i also got homemade spaghetti sauce, homemade potholders, other baked goods, and other fabulously fun stuff from andrea.

all in all, i really really REALLY loved EVERYTHING that i got. really.

i shall reciprocate... one day.

(okay, maybe i WON'T post what i got in a later post, as it's all been spilled here. now, what to do with my evening? eq mayhaps?)

p.s. - i forgot to mention that my mother bought me a bottle of kahlua. rawk. \m/ too much rock for one hand, indeed! \mm/