December 26th, 2005

disco star

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one more reason why 0vary rocks:

and thank you, my dearest belenen for all the lovely icons!

i have the bestest friends.

note to self:

when making coffee and walking away, make SURE that you put the caraffe back under the doohickey for the coffee to pour into.

the end.

*goes to clean up steaming mess*

edit: ha ha, it looks like the coffee maker vomited all over the counter.
disco star

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being late in everything that i do, i am still working on Christmas cards today. i was also a dumbass and jumped around in my address book, AND didn't mark off who i sent cards to, so i apologize profusely in advance if you happen to receive two cards from me.

also, if you haven't done so, haven't received a card from me and are not sure if you've done so, or whatnot, feel free to send me your snail mail address to:

i shall keep your address on file, and possibly drop things in the mail to you from time to time, should i have the drive to do so (the jury is still out as to how exhausted i shall be with school, so we shall see...)

also, karaoke tonight, who is interested? mojo's? 930ish?

text me.

edit: ha ha, i just found a STACK of cards that i had thought i had sent, and a couple filled out, but not in envelopes. woops!