December 30th, 2005

disco star

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“Hello, this is a very tired Aubkabob. It is 1:30, I think. I don't know, I kind of lost track of time a while ago. I'm still at work. They didn't have anyone to cover for the overnight shift, and the supervisors couldn't be by themselves so I volunteered, so by the time I get home I will be working for almost 24 hours straight. Hah! Take that. My feet hurt. (something I didn't catch) And I am currently taking my second lunch at Office Max. I've only been here since 3:30. So if you had ever any doubt that I was a workaholic before this, yeah, I showed you. Anywho. There's nothing to do, there's nothing on tv, so I figured I would call and.. So it's been, anyway, I don't know if anyone listens to these things anymore. I listen to yours half the time and half the time it's game over, but... And it's not because it's lack of loving you, because I luuuuv you, but... I think I am starting to get a little bit delirious. Yeah. I'm... Anyways, before this post gets any weirder, I'm gonna let you go so I can eat my chili. 'Kay. Buh-bye.”

Transcribed by: pokee
disco star

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and now i'm home. tired, delirious, but home.

amazing to think that some doctors put in... 36 hours, isn't it? sheez. and i hadn't worked 24 hours STRAIGHT, i worked 7 am until noon thirty at michaels (my last day!), and then 330 until 430ish. 330 pm until 430 am, of course. it was twenty four hours ago as of right..... *watches clock for it to turn* NOW, that my alarm went off to begin my day.

stanieldaniel is a sweety pants.

and for those of you posting for tons of sleep, no can do. i work at 330 again, so .. well, i suppose i can get in a good eight hours.

next week, though? i'm actually scheduled for overtime, and have only sunday off, and am scheduled until midnight a couple few of those nights, maybe later. um.. yeaaah. that's also when i start college?

i laughed heartily today when i discovered that i quit working one of my two jobs... and am suddenly being scheduled for the same amount of hours at one job that i had been working for two.

got english textbook today. out of pocket cost: $25.

was reminded this evening as to all of the reasons WHY i hate most hip hop/rap stuff. maybe i shall rant about it later.

night night.
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