December 31st, 2005

disco star

glutton for punishment?

yay, i'm home from work! i know that you are blinking at your clocks as you read this, so i shall let you know.. IT'S TWO THIRTY! a.m....

i was scheduled off at 10 pm this evening, but agreed to stay later, as they had a humongous truck and half the crew called in, the other half had somewhat valid excuses (like having a baby), so i figured i'd help out. i am still quite stiff, but am at least a bit more aware of my surroundings this evening compared to last night.

scheduled for a small 5 hour shift tomorrow, from 1 to 6, though due to short-handedness, i told them i might stay a bit later, depending upon how i felt by the time we closed and the ad was set (as i AM the ad faerie.) i know that most things probably won't be going on until about 10 pm, so we'll see. i feel honored that the overnight supervisor went out of her way to ask me if i would like to hang around. granted, it may be desperation ;)

but gaw, do i love doing freight so much more than customer service. i'm so burned out on giving 1000% for customer service, so i apologize to anyone i was crabby to today. even the nicest person ever could have come up to me and said 'hi! do you happen to carry...' and i would want to respond with a shrieking "WHHHAAAT?!?! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M PUTTING STUFF AWAY?!?" i don't think i was outright rude, though i do feel that a lot of people were inadvertantly greeted with grimaces instead of my usual genuine grin.

anyhoo. one more day and then i get a day off. note to self: do not drink so much tomorrow night, so that you will actually be able to ENJOY sunday - it's the only day you get off before all the hectic-ness begins.

p.s. - the botch is in heat. must spend tax money on getting her nonny fixed. sheesh.
disco star

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just got off of an ANGRY day at work. bleh. good news, is that i impressed the overnight manager enough to where they may steal me whenever they DO have overnights now, which is fantasmic, as no customers. i've always given my all in the name of good customer service, and this holiday season just burned me the hell out. (not to mention some of my coworkers.) i would have the same amount of time between work and school, that i would have between school and work (three hours.) so it's all good.

need to change clothes now and put on my happy face for some socializing before daniel leaves without me.