January 12th, 2006

disco star

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i have to do a narration for my first Big Essay in english 101. i had been pouring over 1995, it being my hardest year to DATE. okay, maybe not hardest, as 2002 was a VERY dark year for me, but it was the one out of the two that ended with growth afterwards, not with a sweaty panting, weak from barely making it through alive.

after brainstorming everything that happened to me that year: job corps, minnesota, virginia, united airlines, pale face, mom busted, missouri, ankle spraining, hospitaled for pneumonia, arizona, fighting with only person i knew, being watched while i was sleeping and threatened with a gun, my only remaining 'grandparent' dying, i was still no closer to picking out the specific subject. it's only a page and a half, afterall.

when it came to me.

methinks i'll write about the fabulous vacant stairs playing at the coffee shop. my rough draft is due on tuesday, and he forbids us to write at all leading up to it, as he wants us to work on spontaneous free writing and brainstorming while in class for this one. but when i DO finish it, i shall put it up at aubreystar.

sick as a dog. purposefully slept through math. i'm a week ahead in homework and only have to be there tomorrow for a quiz, tuesday for a test, and wednesday for homework turn in.

so much i need to do tonight: check my homework for errors to make sure i'm DOING it correctly, i already printed out the journal entry about the coffeeshop. laundry is already in. unfortunately, i slept all other notes right off of the palm of my hand.