January 18th, 2006

disco star

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my old roommate, one of my very bestest friends, is faetal. She is beyond talented in all that is artsy - i usually introduce her, or talk about her, by saying that she is the MacGuyver of crafting.

*takes a moment to reflect on Richard Dean Anderson, sporting his mullet, knitting needles in hand*


check out some of the stuff she has for sale. i mean REALLY. talented AND beautiful.

i feel like i'm stoned.

support your (un)local artists!
bacci computer

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i love nights when my lap is a magnet for a warm, sleepy kitten. no matter how many times i get up, the SECOND i sit down, Bacci races across the room, leaps up, turns around 3 times, and crashes like a brick.

this illness is causing me to feel really stoned and do weird things like send people the same text message fifteen times (give or take). i also think dumb, irrational thoughts, like watching tv and saying "aww, i wish IIII had a wife!" or consider putting my cape on from halloween because it would be warm and would be like i'm wearing a blanket. or what would my giant lips look like if i wore volumizing lipstick? maybe i SHOULD shave my head. if i held my head between my legs long enough, WOULD it explode? it certainly feels like it would.

being sick makes me crave companionship, someone's lap to rest my head in as they rub my hair. which is illogical, because i'm most likely highly contagious.

being sick also causes me to watch reality t.v. - Oy.