January 20th, 2006

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i feel almost sexy this morning, as i ready myself for a journey back out into the Real World. I still have remnants of the plague, causing lack of hearing in my left ear, a phlegmy throat, and brain-deadness, so i don't feel sexy in that regard. my hair is akimbo, as i took a shower right before bed and went to sleep with short, wet hair. and i'm certainly not wearing any make up. never that!

but i managed to drop 10 lbs while i was sick. my clothes fit me a bit differently. i feel cool in a very nerdy way. my hair is messy, but i stuck several barrettes in it, hoping that it makes me look emo-sheik, instead of lazy-lopsided.

i'm dreading today something fierce. i still have that sort of thing that i had in june of last year, where i have little to no hearing, yet what i DO hear is supersonic and HURTS. for example. right now it sounds as if i'm typing with my ear at the receiving end of a megaphone, with the keyboard on the other side. i shudder to think what working RETAIL, with squeeling kids, will be like this evening.

luckily for me, i still have half a bottle of antibiotics left over from when it happened the LAST time. (if you will remember, it turned out that i had a very severe sinus infection - so severe that it had turned my eardrum from curving this way ")" to curving this way "(", hence the super-sonic hearing and massive pain.)

now. i'm a massive fan for following the doctor's orders and taking all of what they give you, completely as directed, no matter how much better i felt. welp, because of going to the free clinic here in town, instead of giving me one that i needed to take one or two times a day, they provided me with one that i had to take FOUR times a day. after a few days, when the illness wasn't as prevailent in my life anymore, i sort of kept... forgetting... to take it. yanno, busy schedule and all. *cough*

in looking my symptoms up online: white pus-y (not pussy) sores on the back of my throat, massive fever and difficulty swallowing, chills, etc., it all pointed towards having a bacterial illness (i.e. strep) instead of a viral, hence needing antibiotics anyway.

anyway. so that's my justification.

i can hear massive wind and rain smacking up against the livingroom window. due to the fact that for one: i do not have my complete strength back yet, two: i am taking more books to school today because of actually having homework now, having to carry my work shirt seperate, plus other things that i hadn't carried before, and three: having to lug all that how far on foot, and in wind and rain and low 40 degree weather?

ugh. i'm so very much not looking forward to ANY trek i need to make today. it had been oh so very long since i could remember being warm AND dry (maybe adding to just how sick i became?) and thoroughly enjoyed two days of perfect temperature (when my brother hadn't snuck over and turned off the heater, that is.)

hope you all have a fabulous day and a wonderful weekend.
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i'm pretty convinced that this is how my work pants look on me.

all of my recent work pants have either broken (i.e. zipper) or been stained (i.e. MASSIVE ink stain). thusly, until i actually get around to it, all i have is pants that i wore two years ago, when i weighed.. oh... 240 lbs or so-ish. (here's a picture from then!) they fit quite differently on my 192 lbish frame.

i'm so hoping that the 10 lbs left behind during the illness shall keep me motivated to eat better, especially now that i don't have holiday gunk teasing me at every corner.

in work-related news... i seemed to have lost the back of my super fantastic magnetic engraved name badge *sob!*, so i had to make one of the old style pin ones with a label maker. i have been working there for two weeks as Audrey, and not one person has noticed. huh.
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my Bacci is gone.

we don't know where she went.

I hope she's not dead.

I hope no one took her.

I hope it's all a misunderstanding.

but she's been gone for 24 hours.

i want my kitten.
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