January 25th, 2006

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A thanks to those of you who have already sent me emails regarding your personal experiences living in households with parents who were using drugs. I greatly greatly appreciate it, you have no idea.

for those of you that missed my post yesterday, my next essay - Cause and Effect - is the effect that drug-using parents have on their children. one one hand, if you have personal experience, please email me a snippit of your story or observations to aubkabob@comcast.net. if you did NOT personally go through this, but DID witness someone in school or a friend or acquaintence, etc., that did, i would be greatly interested in hearing what you have to say on the matter, as well.

i feel very fortunate that my brother and i had as good of a childhood as we did. part of me wants to say that yes, i would love to have changed certain things, but looking into everything, i really think that because of growing up in the circumstances that we did, that it caused us to be as close as we are now that we're adults.

and i wouldn't change that for the world.

in looking deeper into things, too, i'm wondering if my childhood being the way that it was is partially why i am so socially inept at many things. until i was a mid teenager, there was always so much secrecy in our household, because of my mother/stepfather selling drugs. therefore, i could never invite friends over, was always almost discouraged from making friends with 'normal' children that had straight edged parents who didn't party with my mother. even after hitting mid teens, when it had already been ingrained into me that i was a social failure, i made friends mainly with those that bought drugs from my mother or knew about the situation, but didn't care. looking back, other than my core of teenage friends, i ... didn't really have a lot of friends growing up. thank goodness for raisin. i'm sure that having her around helped to keep me sane ;)
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beware of the 9 month old responses.

mwa ha haaaa.

something dumb that i want to start all my sentences with whenever i'm about to state something and how i do it:

"unlike SOME robin hoods, iiIIIIiii..."

i haven't even seen that movie in YEARS.

gaw, my throat hurts. i wish this sickness would just LEAVE already. sheesh. i have some singin' to do!