February 1st, 2006

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so i was lying in bed this morning, trying to make myself get up, when an angry troll bit the left side of my neck where it meets the shoulder. now i cannot turn my head to the left. faaaantastic. jerk.

i got my rough draft of my essay back last night, and got the highest score possible. i was told i just need to do some very slight tuning here and there. thank you SO much for those of you that helped me with it. i gave credit to all of you in my Sources Cited page. ha ha. doncha think it funny that words like 'wickedcricket' and 'restlessgypsy' are on an academic essay of a person you never met? i think it's funny. i think the essay is truly cheesy and doesn't have much merit, unfortunately. this may be because i literally pulled it out of my ass 45 min before class, finishing it up IN class, frantically trying to come up with a final sentence before we had to turn it in. then i brought it home and waited until THEE LAST possible second to type it up and print it out, changing practically nothing. hrm. maybe i'll post a copy of it to aubreystar, if you ask nicely enough. not before the rough draft is turned into the final, though. so neener.

big math test tomorrow. i feel very much like hermione granger in that i seem to be attacking college with a frantic fervor that is one step below me waggling my hand frantically in class every single time a question is asked. i'm sad that i had only applied for part time, and have to wait until SUMMER to go full time. i'm very underwhelmed with college at the moment, i constantly find myself without school work to do. i really need to get with an advisor to write up a game plan. yesh.

thank you all for the songs you sent me. methinks i'll make yet another juiceless post with recommendations, though seperate from this one so that i can properly keyword it and all that junk.

i'm going to a scrumbles with an 0vary's house tomorrow! i'm very excited, i'm all aquiver, though VERY very nervous about what my voice will decide to do.

grr. anyone got a neck i can borrow? or maybe just a spine.
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promised juiceless recommendation post ... again.

heh heh. sorry that i've been lacking any posts with REAL content lately. i'm very... uninspired for posts lately. please be patient. kthnx.

oooookee, down to business as i should be leaving in... now.... and i don't have shoes on and still seem to have Morning Afro..

gimme 5 band recommendations! whatever you're listening to lately! yousendit.com if you're feeling very overly enthusiastic, if not, just a list would be faboo.

also recommend some bands that you feel that no one has heard of.

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Every time that I've attempted to speak to an advisor at school, they have either already gone home for the day (at 10 am, mind you), or were currently in a meeting. I was beginning to wonder if there were any advisors for the Health department type thingie at all, or if they were just yankin' my chain.

After talking to one today, I'm relieved to now have a game plan regarding my college career. I am, however, a tad bit overwhelmed with everything that I need to accomplish. Four years? At the pace I'm going and with what I need to take, I'm looking at SIX or so. I am also sad to discover that they do NOT have a course for American Sign Language, although I could solemnly swear that I had seen it in the course book awhile ago. Maybe I'll learn Russian instead. Sure, Spanish may be a bit more useful depending upon where I'm living, but Russian will come in VERY very handy here in the Pacific Northwest.


Two English courses. Two math courses, a pre-chemistry and then chemistry. Three biology courses. Two psychology courses. One six-week training that will cost me $650 (not including class accessories, of course) that is NOT covered by financial aid, as it is not a credit course. And those are just the mandatory prereqs that I have to pass with flying colors before I can even think to APPLY to the Nursing program. Faaaaantastic.

Had a moment of funtasm as I was sitting in a discussion group in English 101. The teacher randomly grouped us in groups of four to discuss an essay that had been written in 1996 about safe sex and how the media try to ingrain it in us that if we have sex without a condom, we will instantly shrivel up and die from AIDS. I stated that now it's somewhat of the same, but because of better medications that prolong the life of the person with HIV and AIDS, we're pretty much desensitised to all of the hype now. The others instantly began to argue with me, saying that it's everywhere, you can DIIIIE, etc. I then chuckled as I looked around at the three others I had been grouped with. I then stated that the reason my opinion is so different from theirs is because IIIII, unlike them, was actually 21 when the essay had been written, whereas they were 8 - 11 years old and thusly had no first-hand experience with sex during 1996. After they picked their jaws up off of the desk (OHMYGAWYOUDON'LOOKTHATOLDOHMYGAW!!!), they instantly shut up and listened to every single word I had to say on the subject, as I had lived through all of it first-hand.


paper has been written. mp3 player has been redone (FINALLY). taxes have been filled out (though i need one of the nifty new 2 cent stamps to send it) to the degree of a nice 671 buckaroos coming back to me.