February 4th, 2006

disco star

drunken post #23874932

tonight was nitelite's birthday. WOO! another of the team turns 25.

aaah, i remember 25.

wanted to come home HOURS before i did, but that's what i get for not having a car.

quotes of the evening (that i can remember...)

jessie: one ply toilet paper? i'm not a fan.
aubrey: yes. it's like... it's like wiping with cotton candy.

*jared hands out teeeny plastic penis looking things to a bunch of people*
*we all ooh and aaah over them*
*daniel walks in at the tail end of the conversation and gets one thrust in his direction*
daniel: wow, it looks like the balls have been sawed off! the penis doesn't have... amunition!

*brosely and raygunzero play soccer in the kitchen with an empty beer box*
amber: what are you DOING in my KITCHEN?!?
aubrey: they're just playing beer socker.
jared: at least it's better than druggling!

jessie, to frobear: on a scale from one to drunk, how old are you?

i really need to start bringing small notebooks to gatherings like these so that i can write down other quotes. many weird things had me gaffawing throughout the night.

but anyhoo. i need a nap.