February 5th, 2006

disco star

we'll WADDLE our way to glory!

i can't remember ever being in a school that didn't have some sort of native american-type mascot.  granted, it's been a long long time since i HAVE been in school, and i'm pretty sure that laws have told us that it's pretty NOT pc to have mascots like The Redskins or Indians.

I recently discovered what the mascot is of my college.  When you think of a mascot, (or, at least, when III do...) you think of a giant, fierce, proud animal.  One that can hold its own in a battle.  The Falcons.  The Lions.  whatever.

so mine is.....  well, to simply put it... i'm a PENGUIN.


peng.... guin?

did they...  well, don't get me wrong, i think penguins are fabulous, adorable creatures.  but did they happen to run OUT of other animals? was The Garden Snakes taken by some football team in Indiana?  Was the team name The Abyssinian Short-Haired Donkeys overruled as being too long?  I don't know about YOU, but i personally think that a Donkey could kick a penguin's ass.  (HA!  I MADE A PUN!)