February 6th, 2006

disco star

harry truman, weird little human serves four years and when he's done...

just got back from THEE best day of school EVUR!!!

i almost slept in too much - i accidentally hit the reset button instead of sleeper button, effectively making my alarm clock NOT go off again until 330 am TOMORROW. luckily, i woke up around 430 am. i almostalmostalmost reset my alarm for 830 so that i didn't have to go to math class, which is becoming a very evil knee-jerk reaction to my alarm going off in the morning. but i made myself get up.

got to the bus stop with the PERFECT amount of time to grab breakfast and a coffee from the Shell station there.

got to school.. it seems that when it's not raining, it's actually becoming quite light out in the morning nowadays. this saddens me. over half the math class didn't show up. heh. maybe my lack of interest was contagious. ;)

got my 2nd big exam back and the 3rd? 4th? weekly quiz from two fridays ago that i had been too shy to ask for before now because of not showing up on the day where they returned them. got my Big Exam handed to me with an extremely stern "VERY good job." 94. FANTASTIC!! :D turns out that the majority of the class BOMBED it. i missed one weird little question that i still don't understand what i did wrong, and got some points off of some other things for ... i'm thinking that i got the answer right, but didn't show my work correctly or something. *shrug* so.. lessee... that means that i'm currently maintaining about a 96.5% in math. HUZZAH! (i still wish i could have gotten a second chance at the DUMB math mistake on my first exam, where i said that 5 x 11 was 120. it's seven am! sheesh!)

killing time between class and reading robert jordan (book four), Supervisor Roxana plops down in front of me for the last hour and we kept each other entertained.

onto english. we had read this marvelous little essay, comparing and contrasting our culture's ideal of a size 6 to Muslim harems and oppression of women. i thought it was fantastic, but the three people i was grouped up with thought it flighty and dumb, saying that she had NO idea what she was talking about. pish. i was also highly irritated because whenever i had an opinion, i would be interrupted CONSTANTLY three words into it (five at most) and completely ignored. when i WAS able to get an opinion out, i was looked at as if i was looney, and my statement was brushed off. methinks that whenever i'm grouped up with others like that again, that i should say "LISTEN, YOU JERKS. YOU'RE EIGHTEEN. I'M THIRTY-ONE!(almost) I'VE LIVED MUCH LONGER THAN YOU AND HAVE SEEN WAAAAAAY MORE OF THE WORLD THAN YOUR PUNY ASSES!" and then shake them until their processed hair falls out.

okay, so it wasn't THAT bad.

then Professor Winkler hands out our essays that we turned in on friday, and lists about 5 people he wants to see after class, including me. *GULP* when he got to my paper, he shook his head sadly and said "ooh. aubrey. *tsk*" and hands it to me. i had seen red scribbles all over everyone's paper, but couldn't seem to find any on mine. i got to the last page... what? ONE HUNDRED PERCENT?!?!? i wanted to shriek with glee. i start shaking with excitement. class leaves, and i go up to him and ask if the after class thing is supposed to be one-on-one, or if he was going to talk to us collectively. he whispers, "i just wanted to say that your hundred? i have almost NEVER, in my academic career, given out one hundreds on essays. almost NEVER. you are doing beyond marvelously in my class, i am VERY impressed. keep up the great work."

now. i don't know if my brain is foggy because i haven't been in school in twelve years and can't remember any of my other instructors, but I respect Ken Winkler more than i think i have any other teacher. and to have THOSE words said to ME from someone who has taught for more years than i have been alive? fantastic.

i linger around campus a bit and then head to the bus stop. wha? the bus is late? which means i get to come home on the 1150 bus, instead of the 1215 bus. yay for home sooner! the doors open up, and *GASP* it's the uber hot bus driver that i had a crush on that i hadn't seen in years that i thought had quit! and he's still hot! gah!

i couldn't get that freaking 'walking on sunshine' song out of my head the whole way home. hell, it's still there.

the shell station was out of pork rinds, though.
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