February 13th, 2006

disco star

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I'm glad that you all enjoyed my post yesterday. Seriously, I think it's frigginglarious. Tell your friends! Ha ha ha. It made me realize that things like that don't happen nearly as often to me now, as they did back when I lived in Phoenix. Meh.

Blew my teacher away with the idea that I was going to compare/contrast working at OfficeMax with being a Registered Nurse. He didn't think I could do it at first, until I showed him all of the similarities. I'm still extremely nervous about that being a random topic for an essay that will equal 15% of my total grade. NO PRESSURE!! I think he was genuinely pleased at the randomness of it all. As others went up to him to talk over their brainstorming sessions, I kept hearing talk of the same general stuff: actress to actress, Nirvana to... whatever.

p.s., i got a 95% on my mid-term, and another 100% on yet another math quiz. I'm ROCKING college. Pardon my fervor as I take a moment to headbang.

I couldn't figure out why on earth I had a sudden massive desire to play video games. Then I realized I was listening to "Liberi Fatali" from Final Fantasy VIII, extremely loudly. "FITHOS.... LUSEC... WECOS... VINOSEC!!!!!"

I feel like I want to accomplish the WORLD today. Clean my room. Do laundry. FAFSA, yo, FAFSA! Garbage! Dishes! NAP! wait....

It's only 2pm? Maybe I'll drink some caffeinated tea and go bonkers, until I wind down and play me some Squall and Rinoa? Or mayhaps Maple Story...

Got out of English class early, and got to ride the bus with the driver who I have a silly crush on. Whenever he would say something over the bus speaker system thingie, I would respond mentally with idiotic remarks. "Grand Avenue." "Huh, huh. I'd like to GRAND AVENUE YOU, baybee." ... Until I realized that nothing I was thinking made any sense. So I instead pretended I was a rockstar as I listened to my mp3 player, and all my friends went wild in the rock show of my mind.

Still considering shaving my head. Not bald, sillies, but with the largest setting on my brother's hair cutting thingie. It's going to be awhile before I can PAY for a haircut. Wait, maybe I'll splurge the $6 and go to the hair college. If that doesn't go well, I can always shave my head as a back up. Afterall, it's only hair. Maybe having butch hair will make me want to wear makeup again?

Does anyone have icon texting abilities and have the energy to toss a blaring "YUP!" or "YEP." onto this icon? I feel like it needs a "yup." If you're really talented, you can toss in a cheesy thumb's up, too.


p.p.s. - Sloan song up for yous shortly at aubreystar. Not you, shorty, as I originally typed. Though your height is statistically shown to not effect your joy of Sloan listening. They cater more to short people, from what I've seen at their live shows.