February 14th, 2006


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It just clicked why no matter how hard I tried to get into The Doors, I just couldn't manage:

Their songs are too freaking long.

Seriously. I don't have the attention span to carry on more than a 5 minute intense conversation in YIM, can rarely sit through a movie without freaking the hell out. So how on earth would I be able to listen to TEN MINUTE songs? As a matter of fact, I actually went through my iTunes recently and had deleted any song over 7 minutes because I just couldn't handle it.

Hrm. Maybe I DO have a mild attention deficit thingie? Or obsessive-compulsive. I swear I check for my bus pass at LEAST fifteen times a day. So.. not a massive...

what in the world was I talking about? I like potatoes again. Ranch still scares me. I'm allergic to livestock. I like these new socks, except they make my feet sweat a lot. I spent the first hour of work in the bathroom due to 'bad indoor plumbing' in my 'basement'. All my coworkers knew what was up because I had to have one of them cover my register 'while i went pee', but was gone for a half hour. I didn't feel overly lonely today, which is odd. Maybe being single for every Valentine's Day since I have existed (other than the AWKWARD one when I was 16) is causing me to be used to it.

The College Republicans set up a booth at my.. well.. college.. yesterday. I came out of the cafeteria thingie and quickly rounded a corner, only to come face to face with a life-size cardboard grinning cut-out of George Dubya himself.

I almost peed with fright.

I pointed at the cutout and told the guy "that freaking SCARED me." and proceeded to the bathroom. (geez, does it seem as if I spend a lot of time there lately?) When I came out, he immediately thrust a clipboard in my direction and said loudly across the hall "DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE REPUBLICANS?" I just shook my head and took a breath to say "no thank you, I'm allergic", but held my speech because I didn't want to be rude.

After getting back to my table in the cafeteria, I felt compelled to text a bunch of people in my phone about the near collision with our nation's freaky president. In my near decaffeinated state, however, I accidentally texted that the Collage Republicans were setting up a booth. oatmeal responds with "Collage Republicans? A little Cheney here, a little Limbaugh there?" I almost peed again.

Giant math test tomorrow. In doing research for my essay, I am becoming EXTREMELY excited (and scared, from what I'm reading of others' experiences) about getting into OFFICIAL nursing schooling. Apparently, the phlebotomist classes HATE the Rn's... from what a phlebotomist student customer told me today, they poke each other for practice, and the nurses poke them for practice, and the nurses are freaking RUTHLESS. She told me that there was no use for my profession, because everyone's an RN these days. Funny, I thought, how at one hospital alone, I saw no less than fifteen openings for Rn's, in various areas of expertise, from psychiatric to pediatric to geriatric to... otheratrics. Sure, she'll get out and make her happy little $10 an hour, and I'll get out two years later and make $25 an hour starting. (AND apparently get to practice viciously on her classmates with shiny, pokey needles.)

Sorry for the rambling. I R tired now.