February 17th, 2006

disco star

dreams about ljers!

Today is the first day in WEEKS that I have had neither work nor school. There is a massive wind blowing outside in 26 degree weather, threatening to rip the little umbrella thingie over our door clean off (i'm too decaffeinated to think of the real name for it.)

Last night, I dreamed that I was invited to be in a bike race. We were all given bikes that 10 year old girls normally ride around: pastel colors, baskets, a banana seat. Off we went, through neighborhoods and under beautiful fall trees. Most of the people were lost in the din, but three of us were clearly in the front: Kim (the lady that cleans my mother's house) was in 1st place, I was in second, and Teal'c was in third on his pastel blue bike.

We came to a deserted hospital with an overgrown courtyard, and it was here that we were supposed to rest. I was able to see who else was in the race as they pulled up for their pit stop: Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddy Prinze, Jr., the guy from Office Space (the nerdy one with glasses.. Michael Bolton!) other random people. As Kim closed a door for a nap, I decided that I really didn't need any sleep, and if I left NOW, I would be able to be in first place.

So I took off pedalling casually, Teal'c at my heels.

I made sure to enjoy my surroundings. The clean air. The beautiful trees. When I got to the finish line (I think Teal'c's spokes broke or something, so he was left behind), I discovered that in order to win the race, we had to go into this building, and kneel in front of the queen... who was my mother. I got there and made small talk. She said that she was sorry, but I didn't win. Flabbergasted, I demanded to know who won, as I was certain that I had left before anyone else. My brother stepped out of the closet, wearing a crown and medallion and holding a massive trophy. Whaaa? "I didn't stop to rest at all," he told me. "I knew that it wasn't much further, and that I could make it fine."


I also dreamed about two livejournallers the other night: heyvertigo and halloaaryn. I was spending time up in a tree (where there were rooms and apartments). I briefly said hello to halloaaryn, and he said thatheyvertigo was sleeping in his 'room'. I said "hey, I always wanted to meet him!" and raced upstairs. I knocked on the door, and he was curled up under a blanket, sleeping. I excused myself for waking him up, and told him it was nice to meet him. He seemed very discombobulated and unsure as to what just happened. I left. Suddenly, he burst out of the door behind me, wearing a full-blown Robin Hood outfit, green tights, green hat with a feather in it, and all. He struck a mighty pose and said "WAIT! Aubrey. Can you guys give my friend, The Big Tomato, a ride home?" I told him I wasn't driving, but I would see. The Big Tomato ended up being this short, noisy, annoying, sweaty, greasy guy in a giant tomato outfit that resembled the little tomato pin cushions. I felt bad that I was having to ask my friend if we could drive him, but even worse that he would have no way to get home.


and even more nights ago, I dreamed of my beautiful belenen and alariya. Nothing really made sense, as it was all symbolic. I was on a vivid violet stream, coasting down it on my butt. The walls were dark purple, almost a purplish black, but I could see fine because the stream under my rear glowed. It didn't make me get wet, it was solid, but flowed like a small river, turning this way and that, and carried me along with it. I was a bit scared as to where it would take me, but as I looked to my left, I saw my beautiful alariya grinning from ear to ear and waving encouragement to me happily. She said something telepathically in my mind like "you can do it, I know you can! I believe in you!". The river sped up, and I became a bit nervous, but knew if my 'Riya was confident, I would be fine. I hit the end of the river and was thrown into the air with a jolt... and landed in the waiting, comforting arms of belenen with a giant hug.