February 19th, 2006

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holy schneikies! my birthday is only four weeks from today! it seems like just yesterday i was freaking out about turning 30, and here i am!

hi. mother nature? it's me, margaret. may i ask why you are torturing me with 18 degree weather to walk to work in? did you forget the cat peed on my only WINTER coat? and that it's dry clean only?

hrm. i wonder how many layers of clothing i will be able to fit underneath my brother's hoodie.

obsessed with beating ff8, as it's the only one out of the 'recent' ones i have yet to beat ('recent' meaning from final fantasy 6 (3) on. meaning ones that i have actively played as they were released.) just started disc 3, and am pussyfooting around with sidequests, because i am SO dreading moving forward in the game and having to do that IDIOTIC freaking mini game with Laguna and the red dragon. for some reason, i completely lack the coordination in order to do it and move on. one time, i became so pissed off at my lack of eye/hand coordination, that i stopped playing the game for a year and a half.

no pressure.

thought i had something else fantastic to tell yous. well, OTHER than the fact that my brother brought home DDR last night. faaaantastic. WOO.

computer.... so.... slow. even with bittorrent turned off, a speed test tells me i'm only getting 900 kbs. ouch? hey, but i'm still 18 times faster than dial up!


am dealing with having EXTREMELY short spikey hair again. i had forgotten - in the overgrown mass i had been too poor/cheap/lazy to get cut - that when you wake up in the morning... insane things seem to happen. wow. i look like a crazed woman with a white-fro. a clown gone wild. *violent shudder* how do boys COPE with this?

yesterday was a pristine day for customer service. every single customer in there was extremely EXTREMELY needy, but also massively gracious and appreciative. i was told many times throughout the day that it was such a relief to be able to go somewhere where people actually KNOW about their product and don't guess or shrug them off. i had one couple (who were going to name their daughter Aubrey, but ended up having a slew of boys instead) actively hunting me down because they didn't want anyone else to help them. it's days like that that i actually LIKE working retail. it's good to be appreciated and acknowledged for your .. uh.. knowledge.

less than a month left of my first quarter of college. my english teacher doesn't teach 102, and i don't even SEE my math teacher on the schedule for next quarter. this makes me sad. ah, well. it's not like i can keep my wonderful teachers clutched tightly under an armpit for my entire college education. Ken, you can teach microbiology, yes? Thought so.

ooh, almost forgot i have to write an english paper tonight. thanks for reminding me.
disco star

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old actors never fade away, they just..... get a job on Boston Legal.

Lessee... they have Captain Kirk.
Dr. Daniel Jackson
.... Murphy Brown?

On my walk to work today, it hit me like a ton of bricks: a decade ago, when you partied "like it was 1999", it was about the party of the millennium, about going all out, whereas now, partying "like it's 1999" is more of a nostalgic reference to partying like you were young enough to handle your alcohol and the physical consequences the next day.

in other news, i think that if spring does not sproing soon, that my nipples... with as much of a work out and constant... outthereness that they've had lately, i'm afraid they might stick that way. unfortunately, one's a little shy. i'm-a winkin at YOU.**


**this post brought to you by Aubrey's overwhelming procrastination. Yes, an English paper needs to be written. How could you tell?