February 21st, 2006

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On anything, really. Doesn't have to be the dream.

Oops, I really should be leaving right about now. But no shoes are on my feet, and no gel is in my hair. I really need to crochet me a hat so that I can just slap it on during days like this. I have some yarn I bought myself for Christmas that would mostly match the lovely scarf that 0vary gave me. By the way, dear, I get compliments on it all the time. I also oddly do for my purse, though, which is a pathetic little thing. As raygunzero told me at nitelite's birthday party, "it's as if it were something that was once roadkill, but that you were creative enough to put it to another use."

and just out of curiosity... do you remember how we met? (not greg and i, sillies, but me and YOU.)

Grah, don't want to leave the house today. Had made a giant post to MySpace, but I hit a random button (Self Destruct, apparently) and it disappeared.
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