February 23rd, 2006

disco star

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WOKE UP this morning with the craving of braaaaaaaains (and the inability to decipher when my capslock is left on.) for some odd reason, i keep hitting the 'reset' button on my alarm instead of the 'sleeper' button. SLIGHT difference when you want to get up in twenty minutes instead of twenty hours.

freaking shakira is haunting me. lucky that my lips.. something something.. spill kisses like a fountain.

going to scrumbles and 0vary's today? yes? yes? text me if it is a no go, though per your permission, Ben, the next time I see you, you will SO get a flogging.

mwa ha ha.

as UTTERLY DISGUSTING as it is, instant coffee is BRILLIANT!! i don't have to brew a pot or deal with all of that, which is perfect for the mornings i just have enough time to get up, do a shot, and go. (for example, mornings where i hit the reset button on my radio.)

I'm a big fan of Charlie FM. 97-1. You see, this is a radio station, for those of you who do not live near me, that plays anything. and i mean ANYTHING. this is the radio station that wakes me up in the morning, you see. most of the time, they play normal music, i.e. classic hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's and oh oh's. rarely r&b (YES!), rarely country (mostly YES!). every once in awhile, though, they like to toss something random in, just to remind us that yes, they WILL PLAY ANYTHING.

i had just turned the volume on my clock radio up because i noticed that the music was soft enough to keep me sleeping, but loud enough to corporate itself into my dreams. (hence a dream where i gathered all my coworkers into a meeting so that i could stand on a case of paper and sing "bohemian rhapsody".) one of THEE first times that the radio went off after that, it blared extremely loud MARCHING BAND music. some fight song. i was sleeping on my belly, and pushed myself up frantically into some semblance of a pushup as i looked around frantically, my brain going "WHAAAAAAAA?!???" it took me a full 30 seconds to realize where i was and what just happened.

other random things that i have been woken up with. raisin? you'll enjoy the fact that on not one, but two separate occasions, I have been woken up by "Disco Duck" from Mickey Mouse Disco. for the most part, other than being VERY pleased with random cool songs from Days of Yore that I had forgotten existed, the only other extremely odd thing to have woken me up was a karaoke version of some song. No one singing, mind you, but it was the song without any of the main vocals, which confused my sleeping mind greatly.
disco star

because it's been awhile since I did this...

Poll #679120 Question time!!

Ask me a question! Ask me ANYTHING! Questions will be kept silent.. answers will not! GO!

no idea why i'm still up, i'm freaking tired beyond belief. i blame sushi.

mmmm, sushi.

i told b & l that it's going to be the point that i'll have a pavlovian response every time i hang out with them.. i shall instantly crave raw fish.

had great GREAT fun, i haven't laughed that hard in a long time. it was wonderful working with someone and being able to take constructive criticism from them regarding my vocals. got more vocals laid for one more song and begun on another, but an overwhelmingish windy fizzle prevented. so tuesday? yesh. at this rate, he should get his cd done by... june... 2014. ;)

i think i'm annoying my english teacher greatly.

will go to math tomorrow.

and i obviously have nothing else to add here, so...

holy mackeral, it sounds like Bacci is screeching "hellOOOO! hell-OOOOO!" in her heat mowling.