February 24th, 2006


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actually went to my math class today, as there was a quiz. during the quiz, the professor snuck up to me and asked if i was here for the last big exam, and if so, what i got. i opened my folder and pointed gleefully to the 100%. i thought he almost patted me on the back.

realized right after i got there, however, that i had totally forgotten to print out my final copy for essay #3, so i knew that i would have to come ALLLL THE WAY HOOOME, a 20 minute bus ride, a 25 minute walk, plus however long to wait for the bus. crap.

so that's why i'm here.

stuffed myself on day old bread, instant coffee, and an episode of Alias. i am a queen.

a text to faetal earlier:

aubrey: whaa? where did all this ice come from?
andrea: my soul.

i woke up to a world that was magically transformed to 25 degrees and covered in a sheen of ICE. if i had realized this before, i may have worn my skid free shoes, but nooOOOooo. so i shuffled my way down Andresen in a hurry to catch the bus.

i KNOW that i won't do as well on this essay as i did the last one, as my teacher admonished that he almost NEVER in his entire career has given 100%'s on essays, but i'm still hoping for an A. there were certain aspects of it that he said wasn't overly clear, but i don't have time/patience to deal with it.
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answers to the poll i posted this morning. last night. whenever. go ask me a question - ANYTHING!! - and i shall answer it in a future post.


imnotbob - because you're a dirty little monkey.

aubbieincognito - certainly not, but I may trade it in for a nice Nerf bat.

fop_tarts - hell, i'd mix those two and put it on just about anything. Except meatloaf. and maybe sushi. but only maybe.

kabandra - ugh, this changes all the time. The top of my favorites include The Last Unicorn, The Princess Bride, Dogma, Spaceballs... depends upon my mood. as for the other, i think falling rates reeeeally high up there - even just falling off of a curb. whenever i walk near a curb, my stomach lurches horribly. i'm constantly freaking out about falling. and to keep it a bit less self-centered, the idea of something sinister happening to someone i fiercely care for.

fozebare - NEITHER! a solid C. more than a handful is a waste, really.

belenen - as soon as i get time off school AND have money. it WILL happen one day, i promise!

i will answer more when i get home from school. i must .. um.. defecate before i have to leave soonly for my trek back to school. drop a coupla kids off at da pool, yanno?

every time i hear this song, i think fondly back on when ferris_dabler hosted karaoke at the place we all hung out. he loved the song and dared me to learn it in a very short amount of time. so i studied furiously and came back and sang my little heart out.

i sometimes miss those days greatly, but i wouldn't give up where i am at now for the world.
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never knowing who or what you are until you're living with the unfamiliar

more answers to this poll here!

niblik - what was the most defining moment of your life?

macmanchad - my GoGo Gadget Breasts, of course.

hottergirl01 - *blink* well, how do you THINK i felt? Actually, I was in denial for almost a year afterwards. It almost destroyed me.

oberon1972 - like most things, this changes with my mood. I'm a big mammal fan, though! Right now, I'm sort of partial to giraffes, kangaroos, and moogles. Unless i can just count BACCI!

greenminions - you know? i don't know. it's certainly not in my plans or desires, but plans change. the only answer i am able to give people right now is a sarcastic "accidents happen!" but for the most part, unless i go through a drastic life change that includes my personality, i don't think that i ever will, nor will want to. enough people are breeding without me adding to the mix. maybe i'll adopt?

pollytrance - i haven't heard you yet!!! i DO want to hear, i DO!!!

so_new - oooh, yes. i hated it the first time i tried it, because i couldn't handle the seaweed wrap. for the longest time, i would only eat the 'cheater rolls', i.e. the one with crab and cucumber. i steered away from the tuna and eel and everything else until the other week when i was at scrumbles and 0vary's, along with faetal. i learned the error of my ways and am now a believer.

njsharkman - ha. it's been so very long, i almost don't remember, though i know that i discovered i have an oral fetish.

dbaxdevilsfan - i think it's much like playing marbles, but with granite blocks instead. and brooms. but definitely like marbles on ice.

maladroitkat - whenever someone asks me that, i automatically think to about the time i was 4 or so. it was before brosely was born, and i remember in the spring, my mother would pick violets in the yard with me, and show me that i was 'boy crazy' because dandilions would turn my chin yellow. in the autumn, mom would rake the leaves for me and we would jump in them together. i spent the weekends with my father and his mother, which were wonderful as well (my dad spoiled me.) my grandmother died that year. about a year later, jess was born. it seemed like when mom had one child and it was just her and me, it was one-on-one attention, so... but when she had jess, all the attention went to him, and when he was old enough, we were always put together to play, instead of playing with the parents. (i wouldn't trade my brother for the world, though!)

dead_as_dreams - wow. i would tell him that i would act as a double agent and secretly get the people in paradise signed up for hell. i would conveniently refuse to return his calls after getting there.

pinkscotch - hee hee. nope, I'm quite single. I know, I know, hard to believe, as i'm almost 31 years old, living with my brother, no car, working retail. yup. i am teh hott. my last boyfriend was just over four years ago. he left me for a girl the teeth of a horse. (but i'm not bitter.) hell, i don't think i would even remember HOW to date, should the opportunity ever arise. anyone in the market for a 31 year old awkward gamer girl with Back? other things? hrm. one sibling. well, a lot of general info is in my user info. just finishing up my first quarter back in school after a 12 year absence, studying nursing (though i still have three YEARS of prereqs ahead of me before i can even APPLY to the nursing program.) any questions?

everlastinggoo - more than any human should, really.

jenniffer - hee hee, once i get time off + money, honey! i definitely plan on travelling more once i graduate and get a REAL job. especially the west coast, via a car!!! it will happen one day, i promise!!

pallas__athena - you know? i haven't really read too much out of the fantasy genre. i'm a big fantasy buff.

i forgot how wonderful singing to october project is for opening up the ol' vocal chords. mary fahl's voice is at that PERFECT point right between singing regular and falsetto for me, which i think is funny as her voice sounds so deep.

i've seen that life touches us with pain
and now we're strangers to ourselves...
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a few people on my friends list have been asking me to update my amazon wish list, so....ta daaa! i could have sworn that i had updated it within the last year, but it still had my mom's house as a shipping address. woops. i figured that since it's a wishlist and all, that i would put all the books i've been wanting to replace on there. mmm, used books. oh how i love thee.

and i'm not saying to buy me anything on there. i always feel bad when people buy me stuff (though thrilled, too. ha. catch 22.) but if you INSIST, just know that i'm not one of those people that have qualms about used things. i LOVE used things - it gives the stuff more personality. the cheesy spiritual part of me loves to have items that have back stories, whether i know the past of them or not. hence, my love for shopping at used clothing, book, and cd stores.

one thing that i DID want that wasn't available on there was an everquest game card or two. or five. or fifty hundred and eleventy-two. one of my coworkers has been playing, and it is my goal to get back on and usurp his time and drag him to my server to play with my friends before he gets too cemented.

mwa ha haaa.

ate THEE best pho today. if it can really be called pho. it was phantastic, at least. har!

aaah, i remember what i was going to do: whiten the teeth and lighten the hair. i came to the realization that i haven't dyed my hair since about a month and a half before i went back to school, and here we are, right at the ass end of the quarter. if i had long hair, it may not be too much of a deal, but as my hair is only a couple of inches long all over... yeeeah, the roots are a tad noticeable.
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and so that it's a bit more organized than it was before...

i now have unlimited text messaging! if you wouldn't mind an occasional barrage of texts from me, let me have your digits! on the other hand, too, if you have been getting inane texts from me and it annoys the cooties right off you, let me know, as well, and i promise to stop! (except for emergencies!)

Poll #679692 text messaging!

gimme your number for text messaging, or tell me to bugger off!

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another post that i have been meaning to ask you.

for those of you currently in school...

how many credits do you take each term? are you quarterly or semesterly? do you work AND go to school?

and what are you studying?

i've been thinking about this a lot lately and have been dying to ask yous, but keep forgetting to make the post when i'm actually at the computer.