February 28th, 2006

disco star

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may i direct you to post a response in this post if you would like to continue to 'hang out with me', if you haven't done so already.

so many things i want to accomplish, and NONE of them involve school or work today. bleh.

QUICK! i need a topic for my next essay. it's ARGUMENT AND PERSUASION. i know that you all like to argue *wink* so i'm certain that you will have no problems with helping me find a topic that i'm passionate enough about to be able to write one helluvan impressive FIVE page essay on, and that i will be able to EASILY find information to back up my argument in books found at barnes & noble. i have to have it picked out enough to be able to brainstorm on tomorrow in class.

edit: i think i'm going to play hooky from english today. i THINK we're just having an in-class discussion anyway, and i've only missed two other days the whole quarter, back when i had contracted the plague in mid january.

besides, i'm already late for the bus AND haven't read the story that i was supposed to read, that i had planned on reading before class.

so there.
disco star

(no subject)

hrm. mayhaps i'll do the whole cleaning house thing today, as i won't have time off and home-ness for the rest of the week after right now.

so... what i'm going to do is delete everyone, then add you back one-by-one as i check off your response.

if you hadn't seen the other post and you would like to remain, lemme know. if you wish to carry on your way and cherish the time we had together, but feel we've grown apart, i completely understand as well. i wish you nothing but the best in life. maybe we shall get together later on after some time apart? we shall see.

changed some icons and brought in a few more mstie ones and some bacci-cons.