March 8th, 2006

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have to go to both of my classes tomorrow, although math homework will be done either tonight or tomorrow before class, and i will have NOTHING to do, other than read, for the three hours between, then maybe 5 or 10 minutes in english for a consultation (i was promised to go first), and then that's it. maybe see scrumbles and 0vary tomorrow? an album needs to be finished, dagnabbit! at least, i'll get to read up more on Nynaeve and Elayne with that traveling managerie.

played my Iksar beastlass, Jorna, up to level 30, which was my goal for the evening, then promptly died. I hate that moment where you ding .. and then realize that you're suddenly too big for where you've been camping for oh so long. so tomorrow? goodbye, lake of ill omen. you treated me well, once again.

i can't believe that this time next week, i'll be completely done with my first quarter of college.

i also didn't get the 4 day weekend for my birthday that i had requested MONTHS ago. i was about to throw a tantrum about it, but a) c'mon, i'm AUBREY, do you ever see me freak out about anything like that?, b) i think that having wed/thurs off because of the finals issue on tues/wed will be more helpful to the poor brain, and c) as long as i get sunday off. i want Taste of Asia, so i can EAT Asia. ALL OF IT.

aw, no more snow.

p.s. - check it!
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