March 26th, 2006

dib headphones

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October Project posted for yous over at aubreystar! i know that a lot of you had posted an interest in my final essay on carbs vs. fat for my english class. once i stop being so durned lazy, i shall get around to posting it there for you, too.

i feel so... uninteresting today.

haven't been up to much. hurt my back BADLY to where i could do nothing but sit... here... for two or three days (it's all a haze...) at one point, i got back spasms so badly that i couldn't breathe at all and almost asked to go to the ER. thank you to jess and daniel for helping me to deal with that, it was sweet of you.

my massive addiction to everquest is waning again. i played frantically during the back injury/vacation because of it being an anniversary gift from SOE that we would receive double experience for a few days. I got my beastlass Jorna Bjorna from 30 to 51 and started her epic. /geekiness

oh my, do i need to tinkle.

inventory is this saturday at work, so say a little spice prayer for me. the monday after that, school is back in session. methinks i shall go down and pick up my books tomorrow.

have been on an mst3k kick lately, and have enjoyed Pumaman, She Creature, Jack Frost, Phantom Planet, Giant Spider Invasion, Invasion of the Neptune .. thing, and am now engrossed in The Mole People.

and still need to pee.

disturbing dreams where i was commanded to turn myself into a Domani woman to get our rent postponed. ended up with my blood soaking everything from the waist down and all over the floor, due to a dirty trick by the landlord. i also keep having dreams of moving again, which scares the bejeebers out of me, as the last time i had repetitive dreams about moving, six months after they started, i ended up living far, far away.