March 30th, 2006


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"Where's Aubrey been?" you may have asked one another. or maybe you haven't.

i've been... around. the everquest fervor that filled every fiber of my being hath waned, as i think that trying to cram as much exp'ing into the double exp time ... well, now that Jorna is 52 and her experience has slowed WAAAY the hell down (even moreso because she's an iksar...)... basically, i log in to 'hang out' with my beloved new guild.. and that's about it.

but anyhoo. i just haven't felt inspired at ALL to update this durned thing. i don't feel i have anything even remotely interesting to say (though i did mentally concoct an entry about 'quadding' the other day and about my jubilant 'sisters'...) so i haven't said anything at all.

one good note before i go to bed: I OPENED A BANK ACCOUNT TODAY, WOOOOO! i finally get to return to the land of the banking, which will make my life SO freaking much easier. i shudder to think that for every single paycheck (not including birthday checks or tax returns), the check cashing place has taken 5% of my income. multiply that for 2 1/2 years at officemax, a year total at michaels, and add in a couple of 10%'s of birthday money? scheah. trying not to dwell.



i'm VERY excited about this (though i personally haven't gotten to hear it since it hit the final remixing stage.), and EXTREMELY excited about the new website layout! you guys did a fabulous job :D

thank you again for having me.

and thank the rest of you again for sticking with me through my recluse phases.