April 1st, 2006

disco star

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Big, exciting things are afoot in the World of Aubrey.

So much is going on, so much is getting READY to be going on... i'm excited and nervous about how busy things will be getting. i had a nice 2 1/2 slow weeks, so i guess it's time to get back into working on everything.

this is what's up:

- again, if you hadn't caught my last post, ELECTRIC DOORMAT has released our album! you can go here to download or order the album, or you can also listen to some of us here! tell your friends!!

- today is inventory at work. not only is it inventory, but i am the Ad Faerie. not only am i the Ad Faerie and Helper of Inventory, but we will be SEVERELY short-handed at work, due to everyone being scheduled after closing to help with inventory. yesh, methinks i shall be quite ready to drink myself into the abyss after 2 hours of work. 2 pm until midnight of fabulous frantasitco fun.

- tomorrow is my last day off for.... dunno how long, weeee!

- monday begins my second quarter in college, ever. i haven't gotten my books yet. i need to go to wells fargo and see if i can get some money out, or if there is a period of time that i had to keep my minimum deposit in there ($300 to open account, but then no minimum balance) and will have to fight the crowds at school on monday, when everyone will be going "holy dead trees, batman, i forgot to get my books!!" also need a new bus pass. need need need.

ooh, note to self, print out the data sheet they need for summer quarter and deal with that, too.

- monday night begins... drum roll, please.... IMPROV CLASSES WOOO! thank you to a FABULOUS gift from an AMAZINGly wonderful friend, i shall be attending 8 weeks of improv classes with 0vary beginning monday night. i'm SO VERY excited about this, i shall ANNOY you by capitalizing THIRTY PERCENT of the words in this PORTION of my ENTRY.

so, um... yeah. that's what's up for me for the next three days. also fill in 30 hours of work a week, practicing for future live performances of the 'doormat, and...

methinks i need to invest in a LOT more coffee.