April 13th, 2006

disco star

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i love how things work out in the end.

spent today doing .... nothing so far. played a lil eq, watched a lil buffy. i played hooky from my math class, but only because i didn't have a psych class today and SO didn't feel like going all that durned way with my heeeaaavy backpack for one class, so neener.

methinks i'll have some tea, which is a guessing game around this house. once upon a time, i had all this wonderful tea in a bunch of different marked boxes, but unmarked teabags. you know how tea comes sometimes? but then i had an evil ogre brother who thought he was doing a GOOD thing by consolidating all the tea into one giant container and throwing out all the boxes that said what the tea was. so whenever i want tea now, i have to grab a random bag and guess as to whether it's something that curdles milk or not, or what flavor it is, or -most importantly- if it's caffeinated or not. said brother still does not see the issue with this.

ever had one of those days where you keep having an overwhelming feeling your fly is open for the entire day?