April 17th, 2006

disco star

my most favorite thing that happened....

i'm socially anxiety-ridden as it is. i always hate walking past a group of people that are just standing there talking (probably because of evil junk that happened in highschool, but what canya do?).

on my way back to omx from jack-in-the-box with a fist fulla food for lunch, i walked past a group of teenagers standing in front of the theatre. as i walked past, i played with my gum with my front teeth....

... which resulted in my drooling it down the side of my face, to tumble down my shirt and land on the sidewalk.

i had hoped that no one in the group had SEEN me, but... they immediately stopped talking and watched me finish walking by, as i tried with every fiber of my BEING to pretend that's how i get rid of my gum every time i go to eat my lunch.

improv class tonight. so freaking tired. also supposed to hang out with an oatmeal, but i'm not quite sure where i'm going or what time i need to be there, except to know that it takes me two hours to GET there, and i should be leaving now, but am -again- not sure where i need to go.

did i mention i'm tired?

school so far: gotten 100% on all three graded things that we've done in math so far, and a 95% on the dreaded psychology test. Wooties. so far, my 4.0 gpa is safe.

opened up the door when i came home from school, and Bacci just waltzes right outside as if it's something she does all the time - and if it's something we ALLOW her to do. she seemed almost offended when, after my initial shock wore off, my shoe blocks her path and i burst forth with a "the HELL you think you're DOING?" sulking ensued shortly after.

yes, cats can sulk. in fact, they can sulk better than most humans i know.

all sorts of FUN things going on with the band, i.e. track of the day for "skeleton in silhouette" (which i had tried to post a pic of, but i couldn't get the jerk to upload correctly), and now "evil genius" (title track, um... of course) got track of the day, as well, on garageband.com. the more i listen to it, the more i get excited about playing it, harmonizing with ben, having raw live emotion tacked onto what i already think is fabulous work. (i can say this all i want without feeling egotistical, as i didn't write a note of it. so neener.)

but i suppose i should go now.. where to? *shrug* but know i'm GOING.
disco star

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