April 24th, 2006

raven bunny

weekend recap!

for those of you NOT livejournalling over the weekends like us COOL people (heh), here is a weekend recap:

Thursday: my brother's friend was attacked and killed by someone she had never met.

Friday: I began to emotionally deal with death of someone who i had only met a couple of times. I also discovered that i had sat next to her on the bus on her way to work that final day.

Saturday: I discover my Aunt Sophie has lung cancer and is in great pain. I also discover that my mother is SEVERELY anemic, which the doctor's believe is caused by internal bleeding. she goes in for testing for colon cancer... maybe this week? hopefully this week.

Saturday afternoon: I GET HIT BY A CAR!!!

Sunday: i get bored while having the day off and post who all my top commenters are.

Thankfully, other than some general back pain that may or may not be caused by being 31 and sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor for 3 years, and some unease in my knees and hips, i feel aiight. everything could have been MUCH worse.

Tomorrow marks my 3 year anniversary for driving into Vancouver to call it my new home. I shall celebrate it by going to school, coloring and labelling pictures of the brain for my brain book, and working.
disco star

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aaaaaaand on top of everything else:


i don't miss work today, thank goodness (i suppose), but i barely made it through school and i have to miss band practice AND improv class, both of which i am bitter about.

i'm daydreaming about my bed right now, though, so off i go.
disco star

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aw, i thought today was my three year anniversary, but it turns out it was two days ago.

wow, it's been an amazing three years. i can't imagine having lived my life any differently.

thank you to those that have stayed with me throughout my journey!