April 26th, 2006


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i wish the flu would just go AWAY. sheesh.

as if you TRULY wanted to know, here's the cycle:

- i feel fine.
- i get hungry.
- i eat.
- approx 1/2 later, i feel like i need to vomit.
- a giant lump seems to force its way up my esophagus.
- no vomiting actually occurs (i've never been a thrower upper.)
- eventually, the lump goes back down to my belly, where...
- it mixes with my angry stomach, forming a GIANT mass of gas.
- much tummy gurgling occurs and my stomach feels like it's extended way past its capacity, causing great pain.
- intense pain moves its way downward, until it releases itself from my anus with such force that i could power a small boat across a lake.

i even skipped school today, which is a wonder for me. i felt good for a moment, went to clean the kitchen, and was hit with a random EW smell from some... thing... which sent me back into the living room, away from the EW, before even Ewer happened.

so much to freaking DOOOO so much to accomplish!!! and here i sit.. with a lump in my chest that will eventually turn to deadly gas for all.

gaw, i'm hot. hawt, even.

massive projects needed to be done for friday for both of my classes. i need to practice my music, dagnabbit, before i provide to be an embarassment to all (ben). i need to pay bills. i need to bring mom her mommy's day presents. i need to clean my desk, the kitchen, the livingroom, my bedroom. i need to dye my freaking hair, all the silver hairs are revealing themselves, showing just how old i really am.

dumb digestive system.

oh, and in reading my last post, i realize it made it sound as if it was my three year anniversary with livejournal, but it was actually my three year anniversary of moving to washington from arizona ;) because i've actually been on livejournal for over five!