April 30th, 2006

disco star

yet another reason why i love my coworkers...

deb: sorry, i bleched.
aubrey: bleched?
deb: yes, i bleched.
aubrey: don't say that. it was more of a BRRAAAAP then a blech. "blech" makes it sound like you vomited a little when you burped.
liz: HA HA! much like "sharted"! "i need to go home and change, i accidentally sharted!"

although it was a loooooooong ass day, i got to work with a lot of my favorite people, which made it all worth while. i realized the other night that with how busy i am anymore, going to work IS my form of socializing. we hang out. we do stuff. we get paid.

went to Billigans with -surprise- coworkers last night. Jessalyn and i couldn't get there until 930, which meant that Debra, Jason, Liz, Lori, gaykyle, and char had been there for two hours, drinking long islands and eating ribs. i thankfully missed the sharpie expedition (meaning i didn't wake up with jaundiced looking writing all over my arm and boobs from a dark yellow sharpie) and had THEE MOST DELICIOUS OMG bloody mary's i'd ever had. (which led me to exclaim "oh my gaw, these are so delicious, i would drink these as a virgin!!! erm... virgin.)

speaking of speaking woopsies...

i ran over to petsmart the other night during work to see if they had my cat's favorite toys. out of all the toys i've ever purchased for her, her absolute favorite are these 49 cent foam things that make zero noise and bounce VERY easily. i have been looking for them off and on for the last year, as every time i go in there, they are sold out. yay, they have them!!! as i go up to the counter, i slam them down (i was in a hurry and on my 10 minute break, you see) and exclaim "oh my gosh, i'm so happy you have these, i've been looking for these for a year!"

i came THISCLOSE to finishing the sentence with "... because my cat's balls are becoming DISGUSTING."

but instead i stopped, gave the cashier a funny look, and said "because i need to... replace her.... toys."

yes, yes, this is me avoiding writing my math paper.

yes, yes, this is me plugging my myspaces again:

my personal one!
my band's one!
disco star

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because i love doing these posts to bore you as i amuse myself...

what i was doing in the past, on this very day!!!

last year found me repiercing my ears, helping daniel move, and getting my first article published.

2004 found me HATING livejournal - i had to go days out from this date in history in order to find a post.

2003 found my realization that i had accidentally NOT moved what i needed with me up here (i had been here for a week at this point) and the original time that i came across everyone's FAVORITE period picture.

2002 found me watching Steve turn over custody of Blue to Donovan and musing about how livejournal was starting to mean a lot to me

2001 found me sharing disturbing dreams with my brother and running into strange, cackling men at the circle k.

wow, am i glad that my journal writing skills have seemed to improve since then. my writing style 5 years ago ANNOYS. i sound SOOOO high schoolian. i shall use my high schoolian icon to display this.

i also shall go to bed and wake up freakishly early tomorrow to do my paper instead of doing it tonight, which would be smart.